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Our cow means we can now plan for the future

Taufik (pictured above) is a 14-year-old boy from Indonesia who is sponsored through ChildFund. He lives in Central Java with his his father, Rosidi, his mother, Sri Rahayu, and and his sister in a rented house. Their home has one bedroom, a living room and a bathroom. Although the house is modest in size, the family lives happily together.

Taufik’s little family grew after they received a cow through ChildFund`s Gifts for Good program (previously called Donations with a Difference). “I love my cow. I can play with him after school,” says Taufik, who is in second grade in junior high school, with his excited smile. “My favourite part is to feed him with grass,” he adds.

Ever since they received their cow, the family has a new task every afternoon to fetch grass from the nearest land. “I am teaching my children on how to be responsible with this activity,” says Sri Rahayu. The children, especially Taufik, are very much enjoying their new duty.

Taufik’s parents both work as street sweepers. They are the ones who keep the city clean. His mother also works as a ChildFund volunteer and believes that through ChildFund she has changed a lot. She has gained confidence from the knowledge she has learned, including basic economics for mothers and how to generate extra income for her family.

“We are thankful for the cow and also the training to breed it that was given to us,” she says. “Now I have several plans for our future because of our cow. Perhaps we will build a market stall or perhaps a small food place, anything which will help us to get more money for the family.”

Taufik’s family is one of 120 families living in Central Java who together received more than 500 animals: cows, ducks and chickens. The families were also provided with training to take care of and breed the livestock, so in the future they can generate an income from their animals. It really is the gift that keeps giving!

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