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A passage to India for ChildFund trip winner

“I can’t change the whole world, but I can change the world for one child . . . which can change a family, a community, or even a nation.”

ChildFund Australia sponsor Lee-Anne Bye is the lucky winner of our Trip of a Lifetime competition!

Lee-Anne has been sponsoring with ChildFund Australia for over two decades, supporting three children in India during that time period.

Since 2004, she has been the sponsor of 15 year-old Sarita, who lives in Jharakland State in India, and will now be able to meet her in person in 2013.

Upon hearing the news, Lee-Anne said: “I’m stunned and speechless. To see what life is like in India will be a privilege and a gift. It will be wonderful for me and Sarita!”

Judges picked Lee-Anne’s entry because they felt it conveyed not only the impact that sponsorship has on a child, but the ripple effect of benefits for the whole community.

CEO Nigel Spence, after discovering that the author of the winning entry was a long-time supporter, said: “I am delighted that Lee-Anne, having shown such commitment to children in India over her lifetime, will now get this wonderful opportunity to actually visit.

“Sarita and Lee-Anne have been correspondents for over eight years, so it will truly be a memorable meeting for both of them.”

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