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Pin is championing disability rights for her son

Thanh is just like any other child from the Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam. He spends his days playing, going to school, and begrudgingly helps with chores around the family home.

His mother, Pin works as a labourer far away from the family home to earn enough money to provide for her family. While she is away, Thanh and his brother live with their grandparents.

Thanh was born with a physical disability and although he lives close to school, he doesn’t like to go because it is difficult for him to keep up with his peers. “When Thanh was born, his right hand did not have any fingers. He does not do well at school because he has a difficult time keeping up. I also heard that getting a disability certificate for a child is very time consuming,” said Pin.

This all changed two years ago when Pin attended a ChildFund Vietnam training session for parents with children living with a physical or intellectual disability. This session was organised as part of the ‘Ready for Primary School’ program.

Although initially hesitant to attend, she was encouraged by Thanh’s teacher to take part. At the training she learned more about how she could best support her son to fully participate in school and care for him and support him in achieving an education.

At the end of the session, she was elected by her peers to be a leader of the community group for parents of children living with a disability. “I feel like I’ve grown a lot. Before I became the group leader, I rarely talked to others in the commune. If someone asked me about my family, I usually just kept quiet. Now I can communicate more openly.”

As leader of the group, Pin regularly visits and encourages parents of children with a disability to join the group. Together they help families across Hoa Binh apply for disability certificates on behalf of their children, meaning they are eligible for additional financial support from the government.

Pin feels more equipped with the skills to care for Thanh and is confident that she can empower him with the education he needs to live a full life.

Until now, only two children in the commune have been granted disability certificates, including Thanh. With the success of her group, Pin has been invited to share her experience with other communes in the district.

Despite being busy with work and the community group, Pin always makes time to walk her children to school and help them with their homework when she can.

“Thanh has been working hard at school. He is very happy when I take him to class. We have also been receiving monthly financial support thanks to the government’s policy, which has lessened the financial burden on our family.”

For families like Pin’s, having a support system where parents share their challenges and successes is incredibly important. Learn more about ChildFund Vietnam’s work to support children with disability to access an education.

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