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Post a Postie a perfect cause for Bondi Rescue’s Corey Oliver

Bondi Rescue star Corey Oliver was drawn to motorbikes by an unexpected source — his mother Sandy.

“She knew people who rode bikes her whole life, so about 10 years ago she decided to finally get one of her own, and the postie bike was perfect,” Corey says.

Zipping through Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs on his mom’s second-hand motorbike kick-started a passion for Postie’s that led to Corey becoming a full blown advocate for Australia’s favourite motorbike.

“I’ve been telling everyone how great they are,” he says. “They’re lightweight, easy to ride and you can’t break them – no matter how hard you try.”

This year Corey gained an even greater appreciation for these durable bikes when he learned about ChildFund’s Post a Postie campaign, which aims to increase awareness of the importance of motorbikes in delivering life-saving goods and services to remote communities.


Bondi lifeguards Corey Oliver (right), Ryan Clark (centre) and Andrew Reid are teaming up with ChildFund to raise money to send a postie to Cambodia

Durable, lightweight bikes like the postie are often the only way ChildFund Cambodia staff can access remote villages and help hard-to-reach communities.

“You see how they are used in Cambodia and other places and it’s just unbelievable,” Corey says.

“The amount of gear they can carry and the terrain they cross is pretty incredible.”

Corey and his lifeguard colleagues Andrew “Reidy” Reid and Ryan “Whippet” Clark have teamed up to try to raise enough money to raise $3,500 to for a bike that will be used to deliver life-saving essentials and services to children in Cambodia.

“Every Australian knows the postie bike and it’s great to see the postie bike helping children around the world,” Corey said.

“As soon as we heard about the Post a Postie campaign, we all wanted to get on board and do something to help.”

He said the postie bike was a perfect gift for someone looking to make a lasting impact this Christmas.

“A lot of the time at Christmas you’re looking for gifts that have a little bit more meaning,” he says.

“There’s a lot of excessive around and you don’t want to buy something for someone that’s just going to go to waste.

“The postie bike is perfect because it’s something we all know and love and it will go to a great cause for children overseas.”

Visit the Bondi Rescue team’s fundraising page to support their campaign to Post a Postie to help children in Cambodia or visit ChildFund’s Gifts for Good page to purchase a gift for a loved one this Christmas.

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