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Reading for a Cause

Nine-year-old Kayla has turned her love of reading into a way of helping kids who don’t have access to books!

Over the school holidays, Kayla from Adelaide organised a group of nine friends to raise money by reading books and asking people to sponsor them. In total, the reading group raised over $1,000 – an incredible effort! With these funds, they have decided to donate a mobile library to children in Laos.

We shared some photos with Kayla of children in Laos enjoying their mobile library and she sent us this lovely response:

“Thank you for the photos. It was great to see the kids looking at those books. It looked like fun. I want to go there when I`m bigger and have my very own mobile library. I would like it to be like a big bus with a big library in it and seats for the kids to sit in. I would drive it around to schools and homes where they don`t have access to books and libraries.”

We’d like to say a special thanks to Kayla, Isabelle, William, Oliver, Miles, Tara, Stuart, Holly and Brodie for taking part in this great event. You should be very proud!

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