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Soccket goes to Mexico!

Imagine having a soccer ball that produces light because you play with it. If you are a child with no electricity in your house, this seemingly magical ball will help you do your homework or light up the dinner table. Your family won`t have to spend money on candles.

The Soccket ball, produced by Uncharted Play, a U.S.-based social enterprise company, generates light after a couple of hours` play.

It takes just half an hour of kicking the ball around to supply enough kinetic energy to power a small lamp for three hours. The founders of Uncharted Play, which have been honoured by the Clinton Foundation for its innovation, invented the Soccket for a class at Harvard University.

ChildFund, Uncharted Play and Fundación Televisa are working together to supply Socckets to families who live without electrical power in the Mexican states of Puebla and Oaxaca.

Today, about 180 children in these indigenous communities have a Soccket in their homes. Not only do these children have a new toy (a luxury), but their families also have a light source for reading and sewing at night.

In this video, you`ll see the Soccket in action in ChildFund-supported communities in Mexico.

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