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Generous supporters light up the lives of Cambodian children

Without electricity in their homes, Lika and her friends struggled to study after dark. Many children have had their homes damaged or destroyed by accidental fires, caused by using dangerous kerosene lamps, or sticks lit on fire, as a source of light.

Thanks to the support of caring donors, Lika and her friends can now look forward to reading books, and studying by the light of their new lamps.

“Before receiving this lamp, I used a torch to read books. But the torch batteries would only last two nights. I am happy to receive my solar lamp and I will do my best to come first in class,” Lika joyfully told us.

“Thank you so much for donating the solar lamp.”

Watch Lika and her friends showing off their new solar lamps:

Almost 2,000 Cambodian children recently received a solar lamp, thanks to ChildFund donors. Without electricity in their homes, they struggled to study after dark.

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