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Stories: Children, Communities, Futures

From sponsored child to veterinary doctor

In 2013, ChildFund is celebrating 75 years of working with children around the world. We will be marking this anniversary by sharing personal stories throughout the year from former sponsored children, our wonderful supporters, ChildFund staff in Australia and overseas, and others who’ve become part of the ChildFund family. Please share them if you find them inspiring!

Sponsorship helped me achieve my dream

Growing up in an area plagued by war is unimaginable to most people. When that war is one in which children are being abducted to become child soldiers, it is even more terrifying. This was the childhood experienced by Tony, a former sponsored child from Uganda, who recalls having to flee the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), led by the infamous Joseph Kony.

“Our district was a battleground for the civil war,” says Tony, who was just a young boy at the time. “If we slept at home in our villages, we could be kidnapped by the LRA. We children often had to commute to the city in the evening to sleep on the streets and return to our school to study during the day.”


Tony says his parents and other families could not farm their land because rebels often uprooted and stole their crops. They were also constantly fearful of stray bullets which flew around the village as if they were insects or birds.

Without crops, Tony’s family lacked nutritious food and the income normally generated from selling surplus crops.

“I would like to thank all sponsors who give children better opportunities in life and tell you that through your sponsorship you are making children’s dreams a reality.”

ChildFund would like to join Tony in thanking our incredible sponsors whose kindness and generosity literally changes the lives of children living in extreme poverty.

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