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A 360-degree view of village life in India

Today, Annapoorna from Andhra Pradesh in India is a successful primary school teacher, earning her own income. She`s in a happy marriage that was her choice, and is the mother of a young daughter. She met her husband in an evening computer class.

Child sponsorship helped Annapoorna finish school and become a teacher

“If I had not been supported by ChildFund, I may have ended up as a school dropout, doing agricultural labour and household chores until my parents got me married,” she says.

ChildFund`s child sponsorship program enabled Annapoorna to continue her education into adulthood and complete university. After fulfilling her dream of becoming a qualified teacher, Annapoorna made a conscious choice to return to her village and help her community.

A role model for the next generation

Annapoorna now teaches at a local primary school and is instrumental in helping students with difficulties in mathematics and English. Her goal is to be a great teacher because she was very much influenced by one of her teachers as a young girl. She is also active in a ChildFund-supported children`s club and child protection committee “ and has even helped protect a young girl from a forced marriage.

“I help so many others through my work as a teacher, as a community role model, and as a volunteer leader of a club where children learn about issues like health and child safety,” says Annapoorna.

Explore Annapoorna’s community with our interactive video

Recently, a team of filmmakers, along with ChildFund staff members from India and the USA, travelled to meet with Annapoorna for a special purpose: to create a 360-degree video that gives viewers the experience of visiting her village and experiencing her life.

Not everyone has the opportunity to fly across oceans and continents to visit the communities where ChildFund works, but you can watch the video below for the next-best thing: an immersive virtual reality experience!

Sponsor a child, create a better future

Child sponsorship creates better futures for people like Annapoorna. With the opportunity to complete her schooling, she is now a role model for the next generation in her community. Sponsorship gave her purpose, and empowered her to give other children the same gift. You can too. 

Child sponsors begin a partnership with us and their sponsored child. We’re partners in an effort to reduce global poverty, empowering the world’s most vulnerable children with the opportunity to say: “I am safe, I am educated, I am heard and I have a future.” 

Together we can help one child escape poverty. Start the journey here. 

Check out the video – don’t forget to use your cursor to explore the full 360 experience!

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