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Gifts for Good 10 packs of seeds




10 packs of seeds


This gift helps plant the seeds for a healthy diet and a steady income. These magic seeds will allow families in Laos to grow backyard gardens and teach students how to plant and cultivate chilli, onion, garlic, lettuce, cabbage, chervil, parsley, morning glory, coriander, and beans.

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How this gift helps

Three primary schools and 95 homes in Papua New Guinea are growing their own nutritious plants thanks to generous Gifts for Good donors. Local farmer Managa says the trees help parents provide healthy meals for their children and save time sourcing food. “These seeds have helped me set up a simple backyard garden of nutritious vegetables that I thought I was never capable of doing,” Managa says. “I can now easily obtain food and prepare a nutritious meal for my children at any time of the day.”

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