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Five fundraising event ideas for rugby clubs

December is here and that means it’s time for rugby coaches and club members alike to put on their fundraising caps. We’re sure you’ve got a lot planned for the year ahead, and that means you’ll need to make the most of this festive fundraising season.

If your rugby club or foundation comes up short of ideas for fundraising events, we’ve got you covered. Read our list of fundraising event ideas below and get inspired to host a fundraiser for your rugby club.


1. Community Picnic

Food, music and a good cause. That’s the heart of fundraising with a community picnic. Get your team together and choose an open venue. A park, beach or the local football field will provide the space and view for a successful event, but make sure you obtain the right permits to operate on Council property.

Picnics give you a variety of options to acquire donations. Any of these three strategies will make for a fun and successful event:

  • Gold coin donations for entry
  • Pay per plate of food
  • Donation to participate in contests and activities

At the picnic, we recommend screening the highlights from the recent season, showcasing the efforts and achievements of your players.

Fundraising Tip: In lieu of a donation fee for entry, have community members bring a dish so your team doesn’t have to cook all the food!


2. Rugby Tournament

Fundraise by doing what your rugby team does best: play the game. Follow these five steps to plan and execute your rugby tournament:

  • Choose a location: You can use the local football field where you regularly host home games, or venture out to a park. As we’ve said before, find out if you need to hold a permit to charge fees on Council property.
  • Arrange Prizes: You’ll need an attractive prize to encourage participation in the tournament. We recommend offering mentoring sessions with one of your coaches or experienced players to generate interest. Additionally you could also offer a monetary prize, or partner with a local business for discounts.
  • Reach out: Ask for teams to lodge an entry form with the club. Ensure you allow for different grades or age groups for a fair rugby game that all can enjoy. Charge a small entry fee per team.
  • Encourage Pledges. Offer two prizes. One to the winning team on the day, and the other to the team who generates the most pledges.
  • On the Day: Encourage local businesses to operate food stalls and charge a small fee for spectators to enter.

Fundraising Tip: Use social media to promote your tournament, and create an online entry form for teams to submit.


3. Coach “Punishment” Fundraiser

Does your coach have a good sense of humour? Coach “punishment” fundraisers are becoming increasingly popular and we understand why. In a bit of light-hearted fun, have the rugby team come up with a list of punishments that the coach could endure.

We recommend these as a fun, but safe way to show the coach how it’s done:

  • Tape your coach to a brick wall
  • Dunk your coach in a water tank
  • Dye their hair in your team colours
  • Have them confront their worst fear

Accept donations against each punishment on your list, and carry out the verdict on the option that raises the most money.

Fundraising Tip: Make sure you get your coach’s approval before you start accepting donations.


4. Host a Rugby Camp

Educate children in your community about rugby by hosting a camp. You can do this at your club if you have your own football field. Other options include a park or camping ground.

Remember you don’t need to organise an overnight camp. You can host a series of afternoon workshops and achieve the same results.

As part of your ruby camp, focus on the skills learned in the game, and how they can be applied off the field. You can teach the kids summer camp skills as well as how to play rugby, making for a well-rounded fundraiser that the kids will enjoy.

Fundraising Tip: Have registration forms on-hand at the end of the camp so interested kids can sign up for next year.


5. Raise Funds For Charity

Fundraising for charity alongside your rugby club is a great way to help two causes in one event. For this type of fundraiser you can go as big or refined as you like. Popular partnership events include:

  • Charity fun runs
  • Morning teas
  • Charity barbecues
  • Trivia nights
  • Charity discos or dances

Once you’ve chosen your event, you need to decide how you will generate donations. Consider the portion you’ll be allocating to the charity, versus covering your costs and generating funds for your rugby team.

Fundraising Tip: Reach out to the charity. Most charities offer partnerships with sports clubs who want to host a fundraising event and donate to the cause.


Host Your Fundraising Event Now

Now you’re all set to organise and host a successful fundraising event for your rugby or sports club. Plan in advance, tailor your donation strategy to the type of event you’re hosting and don’t be afraid to partner with a charity. Good luck!

Did you find our fundraising event ideas useful? Let us know by reaching out on social media.

You can also partner with ChildFund Australia for your fundraising event. Learn more about registering your charity fundraising event with us here.

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