Aussie sisters fundraise for a farm in Zambia

For several nights, seven-year-old Ayla and four-year-old Mila had been refusing to eat their dinner, so mum Lori decided to try a different approach. To help the sisters understand the importance of nutritious food for growing children, she told them about the millions of children across the world who do not have enough to eat.

After learning about the reality of the situation, the girls from Victoria became concerned about the health of children in developing countries.

“We felt sad and worried,” says Mila.

Over the course of a few weeks, Mila asked her mum every day about the difficulties faced by the children she had heard about. Wanting to help, the sisters looked for ways to support children in need of nutritious food.

After researching with their mum, they decided to fundraise to purchase a farmyard for a family in Zambia through ChildFund Australia`s Gifts for Good a program which enables Australians to donate meaningful gifts to help children and communities overcome poverty.

To raise funds, the girls got creative. “We made a big poster with a tally to keep track of how much money we raised,” says Ayla.

On the poster, they also wrote what their fundraising target was and what the money would go towards, and stuck on images of farm animals. They then showed the poster to their friends, family and classmates, so they could learn more about the situation for children in other countries, and contribute.

“Everyone wanted to help us!” says Ayla.

Amazingly, Ayla and Mila managed to raise over $1,000 €“ smashing their fundraising target in under one week! The girls are incredibly proud to have raised such a large sum, and thrilled about being able to provide a cow, three goats and six ducks to a family in rural Zambia. The animals will not only increase the family`s income, but will dramatically improve their children`s nutrition.

“They will be able to make food with the eggs and milk,” says Ayla.

When reflecting back on their experience, it is clear that the sisters have learnt some important life lessons.

“Not everyone lives the same as us in Australia,” says Mila.

Adds Ayla: “You should always help those less fortunate than us, or anybody that needs help. They are important too, Everyone should have food.”

ChildFund Australia would like to say a big thank you to Ayla and Mila for their incredible fundraising effort, and for their life-changing gift to children in rural Zambia.

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