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ChildFund launches water and sanitation project in Laos

Water scarcity for drinking and washing is a significant issue for communities in northern Laos, and 90 per cent of families do not have sanitation facilities.

Currently, many villages rely on local natural springs. However, during the dry season these springs often dry up, and people have to walk further afield in search of water.

This is particularly a burden for children, who are often responsible for water collection. In the dry season, children may have a two-hour return journey in order to supply the family’s water. And as some springs are located in areas that have yet to be cleared of UXOs (unexploded bombs that remain from the war), the risks are deadly.

ChildFund Laos is launching an extensive water and sanitation project to provide villages with both latrines and reliable water sources. This will include the construction of latrines, installation of gravity-fed water systems, as well as training on how to use the new facilities, and hygiene education.

Part of this project will be funded by the Laos Water Cycle, a fundraising challenge for 20 Australians who will cycle from Laos to Cambodia in November 2012. There are only a few places left on this trip so download the information pack and register today!

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