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Donations in Action – Household Latrines, Vietnam

In the rural and mountainous areas of northern Vietnam, sanitation is a huge challenge. Many households have no access to a latrine and children are forced to relieve themselves in open fields. The waste pollutes the environment, spreads disease and can contaminate what little water sources are available.

Thanks to the provision of latrines, community members now have access to a hygienic and environmentally friendly method of waste treatment.

“The toilet is not only for better sanitation conditions but also for environment protection. It is double-vaulted and the waste is kept in one vault for at least six months before I use it for vegetable growing. By this way I can produce ‘clean vegetables’. Before I had to use chemical fertilizers but now I use treated waste for all vegetables and fruit trees produced by my household for both household use and for sale”.

– Mr Chu, Bac Kan province, Vietnam

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