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Garage sale for poverty

A newly form youth group in Killarney Heights with passion for helping others set themselves a big task of making a difference to the lives of many children and youth in different countries.

The group of six members, Amy, Darcy, Emma, Elizabeth, Marnie and Rhiannon, from Baha’i Junior Youth Group put their heads together to come up with a different way to raise money. They decided a garage sale would be the way to go as everyone could get involved by collecting unloved items and also helping to man the garage sale.

In preparation for the sale on Sunday 8 August, the youth gathered books, clothing and household items from friends, family and neighbours so there was plenty for shoppers to buy. They also created posters so shoppers knew that every cent would be donated to ChildFund Australia to help support children who suffer from poverty.

The team set out to purchase a Buffalo, to improve farming techniques so Indonesian families can produce more food for their children. The target of $560 was thought to be quite ambitious but the group was hopeful they could achieve what they set out to do.
When sale day came around there was plenty on offer and as a result many shoppers dropping in to dig through the treasures that were on offer.

As the youth informed shoppers about their ambitious aim, they noticed shoppers leaving their change as a further donation towards the buffalo. This was a great surprise to the youth as the target was suddenly within reach!

At the end of the day the garage sale managed to raise $943 so the group decided to purchase a water buffalo, four goats, twelve fruit trees and ten baby chickens.

“Of course everyone was very excited and it took a while to choose our preferred items for donating. This was certainly a very rewarding and fun service.” Commented Roya, the youth group coordinator.

In our eye’s this fundraiser was a great success and the youth were able to get creative, without spending a cent. Together they managed to raise an incredible amount that will not only help children and their families but it will help entire community on their path to self-sufficiency and escaping poverty.

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