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How you can support International Youth Day

This August, we mark International Youth Day 2022. This day highlights the challenges that today’s youth face and celebrates the impact young people make on society. International Youth Day is now more critical than ever with the world’s largest youth generation.

Do you want to help support International Youth Day 2022? First, let’s look at how to celebrate International Youth Day and International Youth Day events.

When is International Youth Day?

International Youth Day 2022 will be held on Friday 12th August 2022.

What is International Youth Day about?

A decade after the United Nations celebrated its first Year of Youth in 1985, a global forum known as the United Nations General Assembly set up the World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY). This program outlined a set of policies to improve the lives of youth worldwide. Since 2000, the United Nations has celebrated International Youth Day on the 12th of August. It is a day to celebrate youth globally and acknowledge young people’s challenges.

Why is International Youth Day important?

The International Youth Day 2022 is a day to cherish the vital contribution that young people make to our societies. International Youth Day is also a day to ensure youth are listened to on issues of importance to them. International Youth Day 2022 provides a platform for young people to speak. 

Another big part of International Youth Day 2022 is young people’s education, engagement, innovation and entrepreneurial solutions. This leads on from the 2021 ECOSOC Youth Forum and links with the upcoming high-level Food Systems Summit.

Another key part of International Youth Day is encouraging the youth to get involved. Young people should be included in discussing their adversities and addressing the issues that are important to them.

What are the themes of International Youth Day 2022?

There are three main themes of International Youth Day 2022.

The first theme is the Global Goals, or the Sustainable Development Goals. Also known as the United Nations 2030 Agenda, there are only 10 years to go until the Global Goals come to an end. The Sustainable Development Goals are a global initiative to wipe out poverty by directing the world toward a more sustainable economic, social, and environmental path. The Global Goals features 17 targets toward ending poverty and increasing sustainability. It is imperative that young people take an active role in helping these initiatives positively impact their societies and nations. 

Second, International Youth Day 2022 is an opportunity to realise that not all young people get the same opportunities in life. Many youth face significant barriers, including dealing with poverty, limited access to education and healthcare, and growing up within a disadvantaged community. This year’s International Youth Day is an opportunity to recognise the importance of creating equal opportunities and development for all young people, no matter where they’re from, and to make sure their voices get heard. 

Third, the United Nations has acknowledged that many people are questioning the legitimacy and relevance of governance. We are living in a hard time, facing some of the worst conflicts and humanitarian emergencies the world has ever seen and new challenges like climate change and COVID-19. 

It’s essential that today’s young people feel empowered to take action, speak up for things that matter to them, and make their own contributions to global development.

Why do we celebrate International Youth Day?

Undoubtedly, one of the main aspects of International Youth Day is the chance to hear young people’s voices and celebrate their contributions to their communities. Furthermore, it is a chance to address young people’s legal and cultural issues, recognise their abilities, and encourage them to keep speaking up.

On International Youth Day 2022, the United Nations will commemorate International Youth Day with a podcast discussion hosted by and for youth and independently organised activities worldwide.

You can also share your celebrations online and become a part of the global conversation around International Youth Day. Make sure you use the hashtags #YouthDay, #Youth4GlobalAction and #SDG16. You can also follow @UN4Youth on Twitter and the UN4Youth page on Facebook.

How can you help support young people this International Youth Day?

Every child should experience a childhood in which they are nurtured, protected and given access to opportunity. This International Youth Day, you can set up a monthly donation to ChildFund Australia, which gives children in developing nations ongoing support. These donations can provide over 1,000 children with better hygiene and health. You also enable a better education for youth and keep them safe and secure. 

You could also consider our range of Gifts for Good. These gifts help a family stay safe, healthy, and thriving long-term. With gift options like blankets and pillows, sheep, cows, scholarships, mosquito nets and more, these presents go a long way and do a lot for people.

Your support will not only help a young person in need and their entire family, but will also extend the reach of International Youth Day throughout the year.

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