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Julie Goodwin in Uganda: seeing ChildFund’s work in action

After spending the day with a rural community supported by ChildFund, long-time sponsor Julie Goodwin reflects on all she has seen and learned.

Today is the day we go out into the field and experience firsthand the projects that ChildFund is running in the community. We are headed for the village of Kadenge, about half an hour out of Mbale. We start with a meeting at the ChildFund field office of Mbale.

The landscape changes rapidly as we leave the city of Mbale, soon there are nothing but bushland, crops and mud houses. It’s 36 degrees and very humid – typical tropical weather. The houses are organised such that the main house is the home of a man’s first wife, and the little round huts surrounding this house his subsequent wives. He is allowed up to four!

The project we are visiting today is called Nutrition Day. It is held once a quarter. Its goal is to provide health and nutrition information, including how to avoid malnutrition in toddlers (the most at-risk group), and information about HIV which is still a huge problem in Uganda and one that they grapple with…

Read the full post about day 4 of Julie’s African Adventure on her blog – and watch her second video diary below.

Julie Goodwin shares her experience of seeing Childfund’s work firsthand.

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