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Leading Global Community in rural Myanmar

Htay was born in a small, rural village in the heart of Kayah State, Myanmar. At the age of two, she left her village to live with her older sister and brother-in-law in Loikaw City.

While living in the city, Htay completed her education up until Year 8. However, her city life was left behind shortly after this, as her sister and brother-in-law decided to return to their home village to live.

She was disappointed about having to leave her school, and was concerned about going back to a place where she had no friends and was unaccustomed to the way of life.

Searching for ways to make new friends and continue her learning in her village, Htay was excited to hear about ChildFund Myanmar’s new Global Community program – and signed up immediately.

As part of the program, a group of youth are trained to become leaders in their community. They are taught about media, creative writing, and film-making, and discuss the issues that their community is facing – from access to clean water and health clinics, to improving schooling and transportation. Following this, they are given tools to help develop local solutions.


Htay and her fellow Global Community youth leaders have been trained on how to produce videos about their community.

Htay’s fluency in the Burmese language, which she developed during her time in the city, is very useful for her work with Global Community. This is because most of her peers are only able to speak the local dialect. With this skill, Htay is able to communicate more widely on behalf of her village – enabling her to participate in Global Community activities with enhanced confidence and pride. Htay has also made many local friends through being a youth leader, which she is incredibly happy about.

“It is my priority to make friends in my new village and participate in this program which is working for the development of this village, my village,” Htay explains.

While she may have initially been disappointed to leave her life in the city behind, Htay is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for her through Global Community.

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