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My commitment to kids in PNG

Greetings and salutations to all! I am a professional opera singer based in Sydney. My wife and I have been supporters of ChildFund Australia for over 10 years, and as such I have chosen to run the City2Surf this year in support of ChildFund.

I am an intermediate runner (not necessarily a fast runner!) who runs for enjoyment and the achievement of personal goals. The last time I ran the City2Surf (some four years ago), I completed the course in just over 100 minutes. This time, my goal is to complete the course in under 90 minutes.

My training for the City2Surf began in June, as part of my preparation for the Blackmores Half Marathon. I will be training alongside other clients and trainers of my gym so there will be a lot of encouragement and support in helping me to achieve my target of 90 minutes or less.

I have just recovered from a bout of the winter flu and accompanying secondary respiratory infection. This meant a full week off from running and general fitness training. I should have taken advantage of the flu vaccinations on offer at work, but in typical male arrogance (well, my own arrogance in thinking that I wouldn’t get sick if I look after myself), I chose to go without.

Unfortunately, there are others who go without, but they do not have the luxury of choice. I have just learned from ChildFund Australia that the money that I am raising through the City2Surf will be used to immunise disadvantaged children of Papua New Guinea.

Every $3.90 raised will immunise one child. This means that even if you feel you can only give $3.90 you will be making a significant difference to the life of one child, helping them to combat the many potential childhood illnesses that we generally take for granted in our (mostly) immunised society.

The child/children that you help may never know of your generosity, but you will know that you made a real difference in their lives. To quote from my favourite musical, Avenue Q: “When you help others, you can’t help helping yourself.”

My fundraising target is $1000. It would be wonderful if this target were achieved, or even better if it were exceeded. In the meantime, I’ll be back out on the roads in the pre-dawn doing what I am getting better at – not falling over in the dark!

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