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Nepal traumatised after second quake hits

Nepal has been hit by a second major earthquake just two weeks after the deadly 7.8 magnitude quake that killed over 8,000 and devastated the country on Anzac Day. The latest quake, which hit on 12 May, has triggered more landslides and left at least 48 dead with more than 1,000 injured.

The epicentre of the 7.3 magnitude quake was about 76km east of Kathmandu in a rural area close to the Chinese border. It was felt as far as Tibet, Bangladesh and northern India where at least 17 people have also died. The initial quake was followed by several aftershocks including a 6.3 magnitude in Ramechhap District, where ChildFund works. Strong aftershocks continue to be felt.

“People here are traumatised,” says Dr Phil Tanner, from ChildFund’s emergency relief team in Nepal. “The second earthquake has made adults and children afraid to enter their homes, or any buildings for that matter. School buildings that once had only minor damage are no longer usable, and people are still being removed from the rubble.”

ChildFund is providing emergency relief in Sindhupalchok, one of Nepal’s worst-hit districts, where homes and buildings that were left partially standing after the 25 April quake have now completely collapsed.

“Help is urgently needed,” continues Dr Tanner. “The second earthquake has triggered landslides on the mountainside and many roadways are completely blocked. No truck convoys can get through and supplies are running low, especially in the most remote mountain villages.”

ChildFund was the first organisation to distribute urgently needed food supplies to more than 3,000 families in isolated villages in Sindhupalchok. Our emergency response team is now rapidly assessing the impact of the damage following yesterday`s quake, and will continue to help children and families affected.

Photo credit: Jake Lyell/ChildFund

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