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How one teacher inspired a classroom

For children in rural Nonghet district in northern Laos, lack of access to quality education often means low learning outcomes for students and high class repetition rates. With only basic educational training, most teachers lecture to students rather than engaging them in the learning process, which gives children very little opportunity to voice their own ideas.

ChildFund Laos, with the support of the Australian Government, is helping to improve education quality and school leadership by training teachers, school principals and education officials from 22 schools in Nonghet. This Grade Five class would like to tell you about their teacher, Mr Youachung, who received teacher training through ChildFund.

How one good teacher can have a big impact

“We are a group of Grade Five students. Our school, which is located in Nonghet district in northern Laos, is one of ChildFund Laos’ supported schools.

Our school has always been taught by teachers from other villages. Those teachers normally live in their own home village and they travel daily to teach at our school. We would like to share with you about Mr Youachung who moved to teach at our school in September 2009. Since September 2014, he is also our school principal.

Mr Youachung is the second male teacher we have ever had, and he is also the first teacher whose classroom control methods inspired us more than just a little. We find that our classmates like to hear his soft voice, which inspires us to stay longer in our learning session.

Motivating students to embrace learning

Truth be told, in Grade Five, we needed someone to teach us who is continuously motivated and Mr Youachung is always there on time for our classroom studying sessions. And the most important fact about him is: he is one of the best teachers we have ever had!

Grade Five students playing a learning game in class with Mr Youachung

He has helped us more than any other teacher has ever done. As Lao language is not our mother tongue, he provided us with a lot of support to learn Lao language; to pronounce correctly and write correctly. We can also learn other subjects such as maths and “world around us” better as well.


Teacher attitude and student learning


Not only related to studying, he has given us advice to live in today’s society and about being good children for our parents, good grandchildren for our grandparents and not getting involved in criminal situations or drugs – also not to fight each other but to help each other to study.

We have become quite advanced students in our class because of Mr Youachung. He has inspired us to have a high commitment to study.

We intend to continue our studies, at least until we will complete upper secondary school or accomplish vocational school so we can have any job to help our lives.


An inspired classroom dreams for the future


We intend to be the new generation of teachers to teach in our own village when Mr Youachung has retired.

We would like Mr Youachung to be healthy; to take good care of his health, not to drink alcohol and not to drive home fast (on his scooter) so he can come back to teach students in our school every day until he retires.

We would like teachers to explore more creative games and innovative learning materials to help us learn better and better!”


How you can give children in poverty a quality education


There are many schools in Laos that do not have access to teachers like Mr Youachung or quality teaching resources. ChildFund is working to change that, but we need your help.

Education is one of the focus areas of our community sponsorship program. Your monthly contribution will go towards providing training for teachers in Nonghet, improving access to education for children and establishing safer schools where they can learn.

You can also donate one of our educational charity gifts, which will contribute to the schooling of children in the communities where we work.

Every child has the right to an education, and every child needs a childhood.

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