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The long-term cost of childhood illness

Many children have to drop out of school because of serious illness. Without help, they may never be able to get the education they need.

I recently treated a seven-year-old boy called Mamopi. Mamopi had been sick for a while, but no one had been able to tell his parents what was wrong with him.

He was too weak to go to school, and his parents had to miss a lot of work to care for him, which left them struggling financially.

They spent all their savings on medications, but nothing helped.

When I heard about Mamopi, I visited the family and advised them to take him for a scan.

He was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis.

I helped his parents come up with a treatment plan, showed them how to administer the treatment and explained about how best to care for him.

Heather (pictured in green vest) helped seven-year-old Mamopi (pictured) overcome tuberculosis and return to school

I get great joy from helping a child like Mamopi.

Thanks to ChildFund donors, he was able to get treatment to cure him of tuberculosis and go back to school.

Now he can study for his future and hopefully make his dream of becoming a mechanic come true.

ChildFund supporters help children like Mamopi find treatment so they can return to school and enjoy their childhood

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