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Using music to raise kids up in the Philippines

K@mel is a Melbourne-based music group made up of 13 incredibly talented students. Most members of the group met whilst studying at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, at the University of Melbourne, and share a love for both classical music and helping others.

“All of our members are conscious about helping others in need and individually we were looking for ways to help less fortunate people,” says Yesool Song, one of the members of K@mel. “So, naturally the group began to focus on using our talents for good.”

After seeing the devastation Super Typhoon Haiyan caused in the Philippines, K@mel knew they wanted to help. “A lot of houses and buildings were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan and amongst those affected were many children.

“Their schools were torn away so that meant many children could not get a proper education,” says Song. “We hoped that through this concert we would be able to assist the rebuilding process of destroyed homes and schools.”

And did they ever! In February, this group of passionate young Aussies performed to a packed room and raised a huge $2,500 towards ChildFund`s work in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

This wasn`t the first time K@mel have supported ChildFund. Last year, the group raised over $1,000 for our programs supporting war-affected children and communities in Uganda.

K@mel plan to continue using their music to help others, with the group (and us!) hoping their charity concerts remain a hit for years to come.

ChildFund Australia would like to extend our special thanks to all members of K@mel for their ongoing support; Soojin An, Mary Hyunju Chun, Lucy Mikyung Ha, Mihyun Ha, Jessica Jeong, Rebekah Chaerin Kim, Peiyi Ng, Jisook Noh, Laverne Oh, Angela Park, Dana Park, Lina Heeseung Park, and Yesool Song.

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