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Walking the City2Surf for Papua New Guinea

Back in March I was hired to organise a team to walk the City2Surf on 11 August. This was an amazing opportunity to get involved in one of Sydney`s biggest events and I was able to work with some inspirational people who together raised over $10,000 to immunise children in Papua New Guinea!

When I started working on this event, I had never worked in an office before but I quickly found my feet and with a bit of guidance I developed a good plan for promoting the event, supporting walkers and runners to reach their fundraising targets and organising every last detail of the walk.

It wasn`t long until we had over 20 walkers on our team. I kept in contact with everyone as much as I could and I loved hearing about their fundraising successes. These were amazing people, who not only were completing a tough 14km walk but were also spending their spare time asking their friends and family to sponsor them.

Race day arrived and the atmosphere was sensational. I instantly spotted everyone in their bright green ChildFund shirts. We all had mixed feelings of nerves and excitement all at the same time!

At 9.30am we lined up at the start line, waving our PNG flags – a tribute to the children we were supporting. As we progressed the group naturally split up into super-fast, fast-ish and my group, the easy walkers! I walked the course with Ashley and Tracey for most of the event. We were the back of our team but between us we were just checking no one fell behind.

The walk itself was great we got chatting about our experiences as we climbed Heartbreak Hill,  I think it`s more appropriately called Heartbreak Mountain. Despite the challenge we met loads of other walkers including a pack of blue smurfs, zombies, Ninja Turtles and of course we had to stop to get a photo with them,  any excuse!

I didn`t think 14km was so long but when I saw Bondi Beach I had never felt so relieved. It was amazing to cross the finish line and receive my new City2Surf medal, which takes pride of place in my lounge room! Now between you and me I`m not sure I will put up my hand again to walk this 14km course but I would certainly donate to someone else if they were up for the challenge.

The weather was kind to us (21 degrees) and our team was incredible, interesting, entertaining and energetic. I couldn`t have picked a better group to take on such a challenge. I recommend it to everyone, at least once in their lifetime!

The highlight for me was being part of a team that together raised over $10,000 to immunise children in PNG. Immunisations are something that we take for granted here in Australia but for families in remote communities immunisations can prevent serious illness and even death of babies and toddlers, no one should be denied this basic essential to a healthy childhood.

Thank you to the 34 supporters who walked or ran the City2Surf for ChildFund Australia. You made this dream possible.


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