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Birthing kits for Mothers


Birthing kits with medical supplies help pregnant mothers living in remote communities give birth safely at home while hospitals and health clinics are closed or overwhelmed, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

Each birthing kit contains a clean neoprene sheet, heavy duty absorbent pads to give birth on, soap and gloves to combat germs, gauze to wipe the newborn baby’s eyes, and a new scalpel and clamps to cut the umbilical cord.

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Nurses Fabianna and Mary from a nearby regional health centre rushed over to Theresa’s house to help her deliver her baby.

“When we arrived it was dark, so the driver reversed the vehicle into the bush and we used the light from the truck,” says Fabianna. “We assisted Theresa to deliver the placenta and cleaned her and her baby.”

These delivery kits contain a plastic groundsheet to give birth on, soap to wash hands, gauze to wipe a newborn babies’ eyes, and a sterilised blade to cut the umbilical cord. These reduce the risks of infection and possible death for both mother and child.

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