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Building new schools to help children thrive in Cambodia

School is a long way from home for many children living in remote and rural communities in Battambang Province, in northwest Cambodia.

The only facilities for children in these communities are often under-resourced and in need of repairs, making them less than ideal for young students.

As a result, children in Cambodia often cannot get their education they need.

Cambodia’s primary education was ranked by the World Economic Forum as low as 110 out of 140 countries, and remote communities face the biggest challenges.

This results in high levels of students dropping out of school, a major problem for children in Cambodia.

ChildFund is rebuilding and renovating schools in hard to reach communities so children do not miss out on an education.

ChildFund Cambodia built a new school in Battambang

The school in Battambang that is pictured above was in a state of disrepair before ChildFund helped the local community build a new school.

The existing school was a one-room wooden shed with poor lighting and windows, no running water, toilets or handwashing facilities.

ChildFund Cambodia built a new school in Battambang

With help from the local community, ChildFund supported the construction of a new school for local primary school which could meet the needs of local children.

ChildFund Cambodia built a new school in Battambang

The new school consists of three buildings – two classrooms and a toilet block.

Eleven-year-old Borey says his new school has made learning easier.

“I remembered when I was in Grade 1 we shared a room with Grade 2,” Borey says.

“It was hard to listen to the teacher as the other class was noisy.”

ChildFund Cambodia built a new school in Battambang

A 2016 study found that only around 25% of schools have sufficient books and reading resources according to the Cambodian government’s standards.

The schools ChildFund helps build throughout Cambodia exceed standards, providing optimal spaces for children to play.

ChildFund Cambodia built a new school in Battambang

Since the renovation, the number of students attending the school has more than doubled, from 20 to 47 children.

Mr Yan, 64, (pictured above) is a member of the school support committee. He has already seen the difference the school has made in the lives of children, which is why he is committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the school.

“Before, children in the village needed to walk to school in another village which is more than 5km away,” he said.

“Some families decided not to send their kids to that school as it’s too far and dangerous.”

Now children have a safe place to learn right in their village.

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