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Charity Christmas Gifts For Staff: 5 Gift Ideas To Change Lives

Change lives with these charity Christmas gift ideas

Not sure what Christmas gifts for staff or colleagues you should get this holiday season? We recommend a meaningful charity Christmas  gift! Here are five Gifts for Good that will bring your colleagues, staff, clients, and bosses twice the joy this holiday season.

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time to take a well-deserved break from work and enjoy sleeping in and watching your favourite holiday films. But before we can officially clock-off, there are Christmas staff parties to attend and Secret Santa or Kris Kringle gifts to consider.

Unique, last-minute gift ideas for staff and workmates

We know that gift-giving can be a stressful time, especially when you’re looking to buy a thoughtful and budget-friendly gift for someone you might not know that well. (A few ‘hellos’ in the communal kitchen won’t tell you whether Jim likes scented candles or not.) Add last-minute meetings and deadlines, and shopping for loved ones, and you might find yourself hard-pressed to find time to hit the shops or even browse online.

What do you give your work team or colleagues for Christmas?

We’ve got the perfect charity gifts to answer all your gift-giving problems this holiday season. Choose a unique present from our Gifts for Good range for your  colleagues, clients, employees or bosses and you’ll also help make a lasting impact in the lives of children and their families around the world.

Why give a charity gift to employees and colleagues?

Our Gifts for Good are impactful, meaningful and will save you time when it comes to gift-giving. By opting for charitable gifts, you are actively participating in creating a lasting impact on the lives of others. 

Each Gift for Good is a tangible expression of care, contributing to various causes and initiatives that make a difference in communities worldwide. And you don’t have to spend a lengthy amount of time choosing, waiting for the package to arrive and arranging them to reach your workmates – particularly if you work remotely.

Gifts for Good can also help with team bonding! Donating a classroom or restocking a health station can encourage a sense of unity and purpose within your team by coming together to support a meaningful cause. Charity gifts foster a shared sense of responsibility and compassion among colleagues, strengthening the bond between team members. It’s a wonderful way to build a positive and collaborative work environment.

Here are five charitable gifts that will make a positive difference to children in need this holiday season and beyond:

1. One dozen chickens – $29

Gifts for Good

The perfect gift for any animal or egg sandwich lover! For only $29, your staff Christmas gift of one dozen chickens can make a huge difference to the health, wellbeing and economic security of families and children. Raising their own chickens means that families have eggs for nutrition and extra income for other needs like their children’s education and health care. Even the chicken manure is valued as a terrific fertiliser for crops.

2. One school supplies set – $76

We may still have another month left until we welcome the New Year, but if you’re a parent or carer of school-aged kids you might already be thinking about back-to-school supplies. For many, the cost can quickly add up. But for families living in poverty, basic materials like pens, pencils and notebooks can be impossible to afford. By gifting a school supplies set, you can support a child in the classroom, giving them the chance to stay in school, and benefit from skills and knowledge that can help them break the cycle of poverty.

3. Tablets & computers – $299

Do you work in IT or at a tech company? Then this is the charitable gift for you and your colleagues! Computers are the backbone – and lifeline – of many workplaces and offices. We know just how important these pieces of technology are in today’s digital world. But for students living in poverty, they are often a missing resource. The gift of tablets and computers for ChildFund-supported students allows teachers to better deliver lessons, track students’ progress and helps young learners improve their grades.

4. Share of a deepwater borehole system – $350

If you’re looking for a long-lasting charitable Christmas gift for an outstanding colleague, or for your hardworking team, then donating a deepwater borehole system is a great choice. Imagine your impact when you give the gift of clean, safe water that a whole school — or even an entire community — can rely upon. Your gift could be combined with others to fund drilling, construction and maintenance of a complete solar-powered, deepwater borehole system. Plus, excess water can be sold to benefit the entire community and maintain the well! This is an investment Christmas gift that could improve lives for many years to come.

5. Start a workplace giving program – donate an amount of your choosing!

Who says this gift-giving season must come to an end? Your workplace or team can start making a difference to children, families and entire communities this Christmas and into the New Year – and beyond – by setting up a monthly donation of your choosing. Your funds could be used to provide urgent humanitarian relief, or directed to long-term development projects that bring lasting, sustainable change for children in areas such as education, health and child protection. This is a thoughtful and unique charitable Christmas gift that will remind your colleagues each month of the impact they’re making to the lives of children around the world.

Council staff at the City of Canterbury Bankstown in Sydney’s south-west, have been paying it forward – for the past 20 years! Team Leader of Environmental Protection and Compliance, Paul Choueiri, says staff donate part of their pay to support children living in poverty overseas.

“It was a personal thing for all of us to give back to people who need it,” Paul explains. “We recognised how lucky we were to be in a country like Australia.”

Which gift is best for office staff?

Each of Gift for Good is a symbol of thoughtful consideration, embodying the spirit of giving, compassion, and meaningful change.

Whether your colleagues are passionate about animal welfare, education, technology, or sustainable community development, our diverse range of Gifts for Good means there’s something for everyone. The beauty lies in the versatility and adaptability of these charitable options, allowing you to cater to the varied interests and values within your office.

If you’re still stuck on which gift is best, why not send a survey to your staff to find out what their preferences and values are? Understanding their individual passions will guide you in selecting the most meaningful and impactful Gifts for Good tailored to your team’s personal values. Just remember to keep it short and sweet!

Give your staff a meaningful gift this holiday season

So, there you have it! Thoughtful, sustainable and charitable gift ideas to bring you and your co-workers joy this Christmas. By buying a Gift for Good for staff this holiday season you can help create a brighter New Year and future for all.  

You can read all about these unique gifts and how they’ve improved lives on our Gifts for Good page.

Don’t forget to make your Gift for Good even more special with an ecard carrying a personalised message, or a postal card with a beautiful photo and description of your chosen gift. You can also choose a PDF card that you can print anytime.

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