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ChildFund and Plan partner in response to flash floods in Laos

Laos is prone to annual flooding during the May to October rainy season but the severity of such events has increased. This photo is from the 2011 floods in Nonghet district where ChildFund works.

Severe rains and flash flooding in Laos have caused a landslide in the northern province of Ouxdomxay, killing 15 people and injuring 77 others.

Damage to local schools, houses and other infrastructure is extensive, with 28 villages affected by the flooding. Families are without electricity, road networks are cut off and water systems have been contaminated, leaving children exposed to waterborne disease.

ChildFund Laos is responding in partnership with Plan Laos and the Government of Laos to help communities affected by the flooding. ChildFund`s role in the emergency relief effort will focus on water and sanitation and educational assistance, reaching over 1,700 children and adults.

Thirteen-year old Thong says: “I really want to move to another place to be safe. I don`t know what to do since the new academic year is approaching but me and my friends don`t have clothes and things for school, and the school is also covered by the rocks.”

ChildFund is helping children like Thong by providing 874 students with school supplies and uniforms, and 54 teachers with teaching aids. ChildFund is also assisting 242 families by providing water kits to store and purify water, hygiene kits including soap, toothbrushes and towels, and hygiene education targeting mothers and children.

“Our priority is ensuring the health and safety of children and their families affected by the floods,” says ChildFund Laos country director Chris Mastaglio. “By working in partnership with Plan and other government partners, we can pool our resources and increase our impact and efficiency on the ground.”

ChildFund would like to thank our Project Humanity partners, whose support has enabled us to respond quickly to this emergency to help families get back on their feet.

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