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How a Gift in Will can protect future generations

Around the world, children are not living the childhood that they deserve, which is why ChildFund Australia has never been more important. We respond to the urgent needs of children now and work in partnership with children and their communities to create lasting change for the future.

There are many ways you can be a part of this work, but there’s one gift that will ensure we are there for children in need for generations to come… a gift in your will. It’s a simple and inexpensive process that can change lives. If you’re ready to consider the most important way to protect the future for children, please read on. 

What is a Gift in Will?

It’s a monetary gift written into your will for an organisation that you trust. It can be as simple as a few sentences outlining what you’re giving and an identifying name and ABN of the charity or charities you have chosen. 

A gift to ChildFund Australia will help provide resources for the most pressing needs of children in the future. This flexibility increases our capacity to respond to changing crises and priorities, such as emergency food assistance to communities in Kenya impacted by drought and climate change or children and families  caught up in new and ongoing conflict in Afghanistan and Ukraine. 

Why give?

 Whether it’s setting up safe places for play after natural disasters or prevention of violence for high-risk children and youth, your Gift in Will will make a visible, lasting impact.

Is writing a will expensive?

We have partnered with Gathered Here – Australia’s top-rated online Wills platform so that we can offer you the opportunity to write your will for free (plus free updates for life). It takes less than 10 minutes to create your legacy. 

How do you leave a Gift in your Will?

There are three main types of Gifts in Wills you can give to ChildFund and other charities: 

1. Give a residual gift

Nothing will affect this amount, but the amount will also not grow over time, though you can always update your Will in the future.

2. Give a specific amount

This is the most effective option where you specify a portion of your estate (after specific gifts are distributed and your debts are paid) that you want set aside for ChildFund.  This is a simple way to leave a gift that won’t interfere with any specific gifts to loved ones. It will also retain its value over time.

3. Give a percentage

This is a percentage of your entire estate to be left to ChildFund.

You’re invited to contact Jess Walker at jewalker@childfund.org.au or (02) 8281 3121 for confidential assistance, or for more information, visit our Gifts in Wills page.

What are some other ways to give to ChildFund?

If you’re not interested in a Gift in Will yet, here are some other ways to support ChildFund:

1. Donate monthly to a charity that aligns with your values

Here at ChildFund, we work in partnership with children, local organisations and communities to respond to humanitarian emergencies, make lasting change, and always promote children’s rights in alignment with Global Goals.

When you donate monthly, you can provide a reliable source of income for a charity. In addition, this monthly donation means the charity can work on more significant projects, like building schools and helping more people, rather than just seeing what they can do every day.

2. Gifts for Good – switch out giving physical gifts

We’re all tired of socks, right? So, if you’re stumped for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or birthday gift ideas this year – whether for yourself or someone else – why not give or request one of our Gifts for Good instead? Gifts for Good allow you to help provide food for a month, a dairy goat, a handwashing station, a mosquito net or a dozen chickens to families and communities worldwide. These presents are the gifts that will keep giving to so many people.

3. Start a Facebook birthday fundraiser

Now that the holiday season is nearly over, many people start planning and looking forward to the next big gathering in their lives – their birthday! So, why not incorporate your birthday celebrations into your new year’s resolution? Even if it’s very early, starting a fundraiser for your birthday on Facebook can be a great way to get the buzz going around the event. You can remind your friends and family every month or so by sharing or commenting on the fundraiser, and you can create a birthday hashtag and start a group. Start your ChildFund birthday fundraiser today!

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