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What is World Day Of Social Justice?

In a country like Australia, most of us have access to safe communities, education and employment. However, for many families around the world, these opportunities are not as widespread. 

With World Day of Social Justice 2022 just around the corner, it’s time to put the spotlight on developing countries and efforts to help them overcome inequality and uphold the human rights of every individual.

When is World Day of Social Justice?

World Day of Social Justice 2022 is on Sunday, February 20.

What is Social Justice?

So what exactly does social justice mean? The United Nations defines social justice as the underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations.

Essentially, social justice is the view that all people (despite age, race, gender, religion, culture and sexual orientation) have access to economic, political and social rights and opportunities.

Why is World Day of Social Justice celebrated?

In 2007, the United Nations declared that 20 February would be recognised as World Day of Social Justice, with the goal of promoting human rights and shining a spotlight on pervasive global problems, such as gender inequality, unemployment, and poverty.

The General Assembly of the United Nations acknowledges that social justice and social development are indispensable to both achieve and maintain peace and security around the world.

The aim of the day is to promote and generate greater awareness of social justice issues. In addition, the day brings together communities and organisations around the globe in the fight to reduce social injustices in our societies.

What is the World Day of Social Justice 2022 theme?

This year’s theme is “Achieving Social Justice through Formal Employment”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on the vulnerability of workers involved in informal employment, with more than 60 percent of the world’s employed population earning their livelihoods in the informal economy. 

World Day of Social Justice 2022 recognises that the formalisation of employment is a prerequisite for reducing poverty and inequality worldwide.

A call for social justice in the employment economy is focused on seeking solutions to overcome the divide caused by informal employment; ensuring that people have access to work opportunities that protect labour and human rights in the era of COVID-19. 

What is the World Day of Social Justice 2022 hashtag?

Whether you’re hosting a morning tea or doing a walk-a-thon to raise awareness, be sure to hashtag #WorldDayofSocialJustice to let your friends know it’s World Day of Social Justice.

How can you celebrate World Day of Social Justice this year?

There are many ways you can celebrate World Day of Social Justice 2022. Here are a few ideas:

Host a morning tea

Whether fundraising at school, the office or over zoom, you can take the time to share some sweet treats and discuss social justice issues you’d like to help tackle. You could suggest a gold coin donation and donate it to a ChildFund appeal.

Create a Facebook fundraiser

Did you know that you can fundraise on Facebook for ChildFund Australia? Set up your fundraiser and invite family and friends to donate and help fight inequality. Set up your fundraiser now, and help work towards achieving social justice on a smaller scale. 

Sponsor a child

This World Day of Social Justice, why not help change the life of a child with ChildFund?

You can sponsor a child to ensure they have access to opportunities that will help them to break the cycle of poverty while upholding their human rights. 

Together we can help fight injustice, no matter how small the step is.

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