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Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

Why make a monthly donation to charity?

Around the world, millions of children live in extreme poverty. No matter how smart they are or how much they may try to change their lives, the odds are still against them. Ongoing conflict and war are also creating widespread problems, while the consequences of climate change are also leading to increased natural disasters and crop failures. 

But what if you could do something about this? Making a monthly donation to a charity like ChildFund Australia is a brilliant way to create change in developing communities. When you donate you help children and their families in need all over the world. You can transform lives and enhance the future of those most affected.

Signing up to provide a monthly donation also provides a charity with the ability to estimate the funds available for upcoming projects. This supports the creation of more complex plans, allowing for a difference to be made on a global scale. 

A monthly donation to charity puts you in charge of what you give

A monthly charity donation means that you have more choice about what you give. Rather than a reaction to a campaign, a monthly donation to charity is an ongoing means of support. A regular gift like yours can help ChildFund Australia to fund our current child-focused appeals.

Making a monthly charity donation is also a flexible option. The amount you donate every month is entirely up to you, and you can change this amount at any moment if an adjustment to your budget or expenses is required. You’ll be creating real change in the world, in a way that best suits your means to contribute.

A monthly charity donation means you get to keep up to date with what we do

When you sign up to support ChildFund Australia with a monthly donation, we’ll keep you informed of where your money is going. We work hard to support children and families affected by poverty and conflict all over the world.

We’ll be sure to keep you regularly updated and you’ll see the impact your donations are having in transforming the lives and futures of countless children.

You can rest assured that you’re always doing your part

It’s easy to become busy or under pressure at certain times of the year. Whether it’s the holiday season or another important milestone, you may simply not have the additional funds to gift to charity. You can still feel like you’ve done your part however, by providing a smaller, more regular monthly donation throughout the year.

And of course, there’s always the option to make a one-off donation by purchasing one of our Gifts for Good when you do have the means. Either way, you can still create change that lasts.

It provides us with a reliable source of funding

Your monthly charity donation provides a steady, predictable income to plan for future projects. In addition, this regular source of income provides us with the confidence to commit to more complex projects, across a greater number of developing countries. 

At ChildFund Australia, we aim to assist in solving large global issues. We provide access to better healthcare, helping mothers and babies to survive childbirth. We provide access to food, safe running water and vaccinations. We help girls, children with disabilities and from ethnic minorities to get an education, improving school facilities. We help to keep children safe, dismantling systems that harm children. We also provide emergency relief.

All of these goals mean large scale projects that require significant funds. Without a regular source of income, such planning would be impossible. Your monthly donations help greatly with this planning. You could help make a difference for 1,000 children over the course of just one year.

Monthly donation to charity means fewer personal costs

Did you know that a monthly donation to charity can boost your tax return? Every donation to charity reduces your taxable income, providing you with personal financial benefits also. 

Unfortunately, not all charities qualify for this initiative  – only charities with a deductible gift recipient status (otherwise known as DGR) are considered. This term refers to a charity officially registered to receive tax-deductible gifts. As ChildFund Australia is a charity with DGR status, your regular or one-off donations over $2 will be eligible for tax deductibility.

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