60 seconds with … Linh Truong

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to work in international aid? In this special series, we introduce you to our many dedicated staff members working behind the scenes and on the ground, in Australia and overseas.

We hope you enjoy meeting #TeamChildFund!


My name is Linh Truong.

I’m the Communications and Fundraising Officer for ChildFund Pass It Back. Before this, I was a Sponsor Relations Officer at ChildFund Vietnam. 

My role involves creating and managing communications content for the program,  graphic design, and supporting the program’s fundraising work.


“I was so proud to see our former players become coaches, who are now ready to ‘pass it back’ to their communities!”

I’ve been at ChildFund since 2012. 

My most inspiring moment at ChildFund was at the closing ceremony of our latest coach training in Vietnam. I was so proud to see our former players become coaches, who are now ready to ‘pass it back’ to their communities!

The things I love most about my job is the opportunity to learn a countless number of new things everyday!

When I was a child I wanted to be an architect.

The country I’d most like to visit is hard to say! I have a long list that I would love to visit, but I would head to Europe first if given the chance.

The top 3 things I’d take with me in an emergency would be warm clothes, phone and cash.

My favourite dish/cuisine or place to eat is Japanese food, or food from Central Vietnam. I can’t tell which one I love more!

I’m really good at cooking and baking, and making handicrafts.

I can’t live without friends and fruit!

I’m looking forward to seeing ChildFund Pass It Back grow across Asia!

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