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Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

GIVE A gift of clean water

Each day, thousands of people, many of them children, die from water-related diseases.

Countless more suffer needlessly from these preventable illnesses. Your gift will help dig lifesaving wells, identify and purify contaminated water sources, install water catchment systems and construct deepwater wells. Most importantly, your generosity will provide safe, clean water to children, families and communities — and save lives.


Buy Gifts for Good and/or donate to this appeal to the value of $250 or more to receive a BONUS ChildFund water bottle*

*For the first 100 people. Gift/ donation must be $250 or more in a single transaction. Terms and conditions apply

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can select an e-cards, PDF card to print at home, or you can request physical cards which will be posted to your address. All of these options include a description of the item you have purchased, and how it helps children and families in vulnerable communities. All you need to do is write a personal message to your gift recipient.

Gifts for Good can be purchased at any time of the year, so you can also choose a card with a themed cover for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other important events.

All of our Gifts for Good form a part of ChildFund’s development programs, which are designed to help communities towards self-sufficiency. If you buy ten baby chickens, for example, then ChildFund will not only provide these chicks to the family, but also give them the opportunity to take part in training on animal-husbandry, and child nutrition. If you decide to buy a direct gift of baby chickens for your sponsored child, only the chickens are delivered. Please also note that prices and resources can range from country to country.

For gift cards, please allow 10 days for delivery via Australia Post. For any purchases made after 16th December, you can still share a personal message with your gift by selecting the eCard or printable PDF options on our website.

Yes, Gifts for Good are tax deductible. Keep your receipt and you can include your charity gifts as part of your tax return next year.

You can buy Gifts for Good for anyone. If someone you know cares about a particular cause, you can choose a gift that closely matches their interests. Our gifts have been given to colleagues, employers, family, friends, partners and more.