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5 activities for Book Week

Why do we celebrate Book Week?

Children’s Book Week Australia is organised by the Australian Publishers Association (APA), which represents more than 300 members from print publishers across Australia. Since 2015, the Australian government has supported Children’s Book Week through its Department of Education and Training as part of its Read Anywhere — Get Reading program.

Children’s Book Week Australia is a national initiative that highlights and celebrates the importance of books in children’s lives. It aims to raise awareness of the benefits of reading, encourage parents and carers to read to children and develop a community of book lovers and readers. At ChildFund Australia, our vision is a world without poverty where all children and young people can say “I am safe, I am educated, I contribute, I have a future,” and books are a critical part of our work in countries around the world.

When is Book Week?

Book Week 2022 is from Saturday 20th August to Friday 26th August.

This year’s theme “Dreaming With Eyes Open”

This year, Children’s Book Week Australia returns with the theme “Dreaming With Eyes Open.” Having a dream is one of the most important things in life for children all across the world. A dream can represent hopes, wishes, and aspirations for a better future. Having a dream can provide children with a sense of purpose, regardless of their current circumstances, and can offer a source of inspiration when feeling down or discouraged.

Every child has dreams

Every child needs dreams. Dreams are a product of the imagination,  where there are no limits to the stories that can be told. Dreams are also products of our inner creativity, with this year’s Book Week theme encouraging children to keep dreaming of new stories and worlds.

During Book Week 2022, you can show your support for reading by getting involved in one of the five activities described below.

5 Book Week activities

This Book Week, you can encourage your child to dream about the kind of world they’d like to live in and create stories that take place in their ideal future. Every child longs for a place where they can be themselves, without being limited by their immediate surroundings or living conditions.

1. What kind of world do you dream of?

Provide your children with writing and drawing materials and ask them to dream about the kind of world they’d like to live in. Is it full of fun? Play? Love? Peace? Magic? The point is to encourage their imaginations to run wild.

Ask them to draw pictures of the world they dream of and their place in that world, and write a short story about the kind of world that they’d like to live in when they’re older.

2. Reading stories is like dreaming with your eyes open

A good book creates pictures and stories in our minds that are similar to dreams. Ask children to name their favourite storybook and why. Is it because of the characters? The place where they live? Their friendships and other relationships? Their adventures?

You can ask them to write an illustrated report on their favourite book to pin to the wall and share with the family. You could also help your child to find a new favourite book in one of our 7 stories to help your child learn about the world.

3. Dress up as a favourite book character

Dressing up as a book character is a popular activity every Book Week, allowing children to explore their imaginations and celebrate their favourite stories.

Some DIY home costume ideas for this year’s ‘Dreaming With Your Eyes Open’ theme include a Dragon box costume to celebrate classics such as The Neverending Story or How to Train Your Dragon, or a homemade headband crown to bring to life stories such as The Queen’s Wardrobe or The Queen and I.

4. Donate to support the education of children in developing countries

Children in developing countries often dream of going to school every day to learn to read and write, but for many this is simply not possible due to reasons such as poverty, distance, or needing to work to help support their family . You can help to make their dreams a reality by signing up to donate monthly to ChildFund Australia.

With your help, many more children will be able to attend school and access the support required to stay there. This includes girls, children with disabilities, and children from ethnic minorities. Your support will help train teachers, provide learning resources such as books and improve the facilities of local schools.

5. Buy one of ChildFund’s Gifts for Good

Many children in need do not have access to books and other stationery items needed to study in school, preventing them from obtaining an adequate education. You can help to make their dreams come true, by donating one of ChildFund Australia’s Gifts for Good. Gift options include a School Supplies Set, which provides a student with essential items needed for learning such as books, pens, pencils and a backpack.

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