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5 charity fundraising ideas for preschools

Educators always need fun and engaging activities for preschool, childcare and day care centres.

Charity fundraising events create learning opportunities for children of all ages, their parents and the wider community. They’re also  great ways for educators to get the class involved with the community, while complying with the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

For centres that haven’t yet hosted a charity fundraiser, or aren’t sure what’s required for a great event, we’ve listed our top five preschool fundraising events to help you get started. So, let’s get fundraising.

1. Read-a-thon

Kids love stories! Story-time is an exciting part of the day for many children, hearing about faraway places, animals and other fun-filled tales. While the little one’s might not yet be able to read, helping them learn is a cause family and friends will be excited to be a part of.

For a preschool read-a-thon you’ll need to take a different approach. Instead of the children reading themselves, have parents and teachers read to the preschoolers.

What you will need: Create a scorecard for students and parents to log their reading time and the number of books each child has read.

How to collect donations: Have the children ask for sponsorships from family members and friends for each book read to them within a given time frame. We recommend two weeks.

Fundraising Tip: Have the children tell the class about their favourite story at your next news day as part of the read-a-thon.

Fundraisers can help some of the world’s most vulnerable children

2. Engraved Pavers or Bricks

For a fundraiser that contributes to the centre’s environment and connects with the community, engrave pavers or bricks with the names of your students.

What you will need: Choose a spot in the centre or playground that could use a pick-me-up and design your new pavement or wall.

How to collect donations: Ask for donations in exchange for a signature on one of the pavers or bricks. Most parents would love to see their child’s name publicly displayed and this fundraiser often has a high success rate.

Fundraising Tip: You can organise this fundraiser in celebration of a milestone, holiday or simply as a fun activity alongside a renovation.

3. Themed costume days

Themed costume and colour dress days are routine in Australian preschools. This is a chance for the children to dress like their favourite movie characters, superheroes, in a particular colour and anything else you (and they) can imagine.

What you will need: Pair your themed costume day with a charity cause or choose a costume theme that relates to a cause your centre supports.

How to collect donations: Ask for a gold coin donation on the day.

Fundraising tip: Have the children dress in a costume relating to the cause of your chosen charity.

4. Holiday stalls

Parents love it when their children bring home artwork, crafts and other goodies as gifts. If holidays or special celebrations are on the horizon, organise a gift stall and donate the profits to a charity.

What you will need: Choose gifts that aren’t too expensive for the school to purchase and that your parents will enjoy.

How to collect donations: After covering your costs, donate a percentage or all of your proceeds to charity.

Fundraising tip: To save on costs, you can purchase ornaments and have the children decorate them for sale.

5. Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts bring an exciting adventure to the centre and an opportunity for children to learn about world issues, such as child poverty.

What you will need: You’ll absolutely need something worth finding or a prize worth winning to get the children excited.

How to collect donations: Ask for a gold coin donation to participate in the scavenger hunt.

Fundraising tip: Choose a thrilling course around the centre that will get the children excited. You can also give the event a theme to add an extra layer of fun to the day.

Host a charity fundraising event at your preschool

Charity fundraising events aren’t just about supporting charities. They’re to teach the children about those less fortunate than them, and that there is a lot we can do to get involved and improve their quality of life.

So now you’re all set to plan, organise and host a charity fundraising event at your preschool. Have fun, and let us know how you go!

If you’d like to support disadvantaged children or help children affected by disasters and emergencies, consider partnering with ChildFund for your fundraising event. Learn more about fundraising with ChildFund and how to get started here.

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