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Secret Santa ideas for sports fans

Secret Santas are a fun way to get the office, your friends, team or club excited about Christmas.

If you’ve been assigned a sports fan as your Secret Santa recipient, then it’s understandable you may be unsure what gift to give. Secret Santa gifts are notorious for challenging givers to strike a balance between affordability and thoughtfulness. Have no fear, because that’s about to change.

From stocking stuffers like socks and cookbooks to more meaningful gifts like a donation to charity, we’ve put together a list of six Christmas gifts we believe are most suitable for sports fans as part of any Secret Santa.


1. Socks in Team Colours

Of all the sports-themed clothing on the market, socks are highly affordable gift options. It won’t be too difficult to find items in the colours of your lucky fan’s favourite sports team. Order online to save big and squeeze in an extra pair!

Secret Santa Gift Tip: If you plan ahead and order online you may be able to find socks sporting the logo of the team at a discount.


2. Miniature Sports Equipment

These gifts combine the sport your recipient loves with an activity they enjoy. For example, someone who loves to read about rugby would probably be delighted to find a football shaped bookmark when they open their secret santa gift.

You might like these stocking stuffers for your Christmas present:

  • Key rings
  • Plush stress balls
  • Novelty erasers
  • Patches for clothes
  • Lighters
  • Bookmarks 

Secret Santa Gift Tip: If you’re strapped for time, or the decision to organise a Secret Santa came late, these Christmas gifts are relatively easy to find.


3. Sports Snack Hamper

Snack hampers make great gifts for the sports fan who loves to watch the game live or at home. Either way, there are some tried and tested staples sports lovers will expect to see as part of your Secret Santa hamper.

When putting together your gift, consider these tasty treats for your sports fan:

  • Nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • Cheeses
  • Crackers
  • Potato Chips
  • Pretzels
  • Mixed Chocolates

Secret Santa Gift Tip: Two or three of these snacks should suffice to set your sports fan up for their next game viewing. Choose packaged snacks that are easily portable so they can be bagged and taken to a live game, or a viewing at a friend’s house.


4. Barbecue Cookbook  

Does your sports fan love to cook? Sport aside, cookbooks are generally welcomed as useful and thoughtful Secret Santa gifts. A barbecue-themed cookbook will have your recipient frying burgers, grilling halloumi and throwing together a spread to remember.

Secret Santa Gift Tip: Before purchasing a cookbook, find out if your assigned recipient has any particular dietary requirements or preferences. You don’t want to accidentally gift a barbecue cookbook to a vegan or vegetarian.


5. Sports Themed Cookie Cutters

Barbecuing isn’t the only talent among culinary minded sports fans. You can find cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes, particularly if you order online. These will be highly appreciated by sports fans who love to bake.

Secret Santa Gift Tip: If the recipient has children, you can match the cookie cutter to any sports they play.  This will make your gift more meaningful, and encourage the recipient to bake as a family activity.


6. Donate a Gift To a Sporting Charity   

Perhaps your sports fan doesn’t want or need any of the gifts we’ve suggested. You could donate your Secret Santa allowance to a sporting charity in the recipient’s name. There are many great sport-related causes that you could support.

Most charities offer a gift catalogue at Christmas time to make donating a more personal and simple experience. By choosing a charity gift, rather than simply donating, your recipient will be able to understand the impact that the gift will make to children, families and communities in need.

Secret Santa Gift Tip: However you donate, choose a charity that aligns with the sporting or philanthropic interests of your assigned recipient. If you are matched with a rugby or football fan, they would be more appreciative of your gift if it was donated to a charity that uses sport to benefit children.


Buy or Donate a Gift For Your Secret Santa

What’s most important to remember about Secret Santa and Christmas gifts is that it’s the thought that counts. However you choose to give to your recipient, make sure it’s a meaningful choice. They’ll be grateful that their Secret Santa took the time to give them a warm and memorable Christmas gift.

Want to find out more about donating to charity as a Christmas or Secret Santa gift? You can learn more about the Gifts For Good catalogue offered by ChildFund Australia and its work to give more vulnerable children and young people in Asia the chance to benefit from the power of sport.

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