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Charity Christmas Gift Guide 2022

This Christmas, give back and change the lives of children living in developing communities. Purchase a charity Christmas gift for a loved one and bring them joy while making a difference to those who need it most.  

To help you decide on the perfect present, we’ve put together our Charity Christmas Gift Guide for 2022, so we can take the stress out of your gift shopping. Our charity gifts present an ethical and sustainable alternative to traditional gift giving!


Gift Idea #1 – Build a Classroom

Build a Classroom Charity Christmas Gift

Education has the power to change the world. Many children in developing communities, particularly in remote and rural areas,  struggle to access education. Even when schools are available, they may be in disrepair, lacking resources or ill-equipped to cope with the number of students.

You can change that this Christmas, and provide a safer, friendlier learning environment for children living in developing countries. A classroom is a Christmas gift idea that keeps on giving, as it will benefit children for many years to come. 

Donate towards or build an entire classroom in your loved one’s honour. We’ll use your gift to construct new learning environments and supply learning materials.

Price: $4,500

Gift Idea #2 – Food Packs

Food Packs Charity Christmas Gift

Many families around the world have been adversely affected by the community impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, including rising food insecurity. Families with children under the age of five, people with medical conditions and families who have lost income are the most vulnerable. 

When you donate food packs as your charity gift for Christmas, you help not only one, but two families with a month’s worth of nutritious food. 

Food packs don’t just include edible goods. Gifting charity food packs also provides two families with clean water, soap, cooking oil and other basic necessities. 

Price: $70

Gift Idea #3 – One Hand-washing Station

Handwashing Station Charity Christmas Gift

Handwashing is scientifically proven to slow the spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. Now more than ever, handwashing and hand hygiene are vital, but many children lack access to clean water and soap in developing communities. When you donate a handwashing station in honour of someone you love for Christmas, you’re helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 in developing communities around the world.

Price: $149

Sleep Pack Charity Christmas Gift

Gift Idea #4 – Warm Blanket and Pillow

Sleeping on a concrete slab or hard dirt floor is the reality for too many children around the world. Children sleeping in these conditions aren’t able to get the rest they need to sleep warmly and comfortably, which means they don’t have the energy to focus on their school work. 

Donating a warm blanket and pillow might seem like a simple Christmas gift, but they can help ease the challenges of a harsh winter for a family in need, and provide comfortable bedding all year-round.

Price: $23

Gift Idea #5 – COVID-19 Protection Kits

COVID-19 Protection Kit Charity Christmas Gift

For families living in developing communities, health stations are usually the only nearby source of essential health care. 

When you choose to donate COVID-19 protection kits, you provide health stations with medicines, personal protective equipment and other supplies that are essential to stopping the spread of COVID-19 in developing communities. Your charity Christmas gift will provide enough supplies to help ten families.

Price: $800

Gift Idea #6 – One Dozen Chickens

One Dozen Chickens Charity Christmas Gift

Chickens provide a family with a lasting supply of nutritious eggs for them to eat. They can also be sold at the market to generate an income for the family. 

This Christmas, make a life-changing impact on a family by donating one dozen chickens as a gift, and help a  family create a brighter future.

Price: $24

Gift Idea #7 – Mosquito Nets

Mosquito Nets Charity Christmas Gift

A mosquito net is a cost effective way to prevent malaria, which kills one child under five every minute.

Gifting a mosquito net for Christmas can protect the most vulnerable members of a family from disease carrying insects. Your donation will ensure children can sleep safely at night. 

Price: $10

Gift Idea #8 – One Dairy Goat

Dairy Goat Charity Christmas Gift

Goats provide families with fresh milk, yoghurt and cheese to keep children healthy and growing strong. Surplus can be sold by parents to pay for school tuition and other much-needed necessities. 

Donating a goat as your Christmas gift to a loved one this year provides a much needed lifeline for families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Price: $99

Gift Idea #9 – School Supplies

School Supplies Charity Christmas Gift

Every child needs pens, pencils, notebooks and other supplies to complete their school work. Sadly, these are unaffordable for many families in developing communities. 

This year, help a child learn by donating a set of school supplies as your charity Christmas gift.

Price: $76

Vocational Training Charity Christmas Gift

Gift Idea #10 – Vocational Training and Tools

Every young person wants the opportunity to have a better future for themselves and their family. This Christmas, you could give them that chance.

Donate vocational training and tools as a charity Christmas gift, and you’ll provide a young person with everything they need for training in an in-demand career path.

Price: $170

Change Lives This Holiday Season

Donate Gifts for Good

When choosing what to give for Christmas, you can’t go past a charity gift that has the power to change the lives of those who need it most. Your donation will be greatly appreciated by your loved one and the vulnerable children and their families that they help.

Browse our Gifts for Good and choose how you’ll change a child’s life this Christmas.


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