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What is International Day of Families?

The International Day of Families is an annual celebration, recognising the importance that people around the world attach to families and their wellbeing.

The day is an opportunity to promote the awareness of issues relating to families, and to increase knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes which currently affect families all over the world.

While most families in countries like Australia have access to the resources required to support their ongoing health and wellbeing, many families in countries that are developing or impacted by ongoing conflict do not.

This International Families Day ChildFund Australia, as a part of the Emergency Action Alliance, is supporting families impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. You can help the children of Ukraine and their families by making a donation.

When is International Day of Families?

International Day of Families 2022 is on Sunday 15 March.

Why is International Day of Families celebrated?

During the 1980s, the United Nations began focussing its attention on issues related to families, with an aim to enhance awareness among key decision makers and the public of the problems and needs of the family.

The International Day of Families was subsequently established as an annual celebration by the United Nations in 1993, with the identification of ways to meet the needs of families being a priority.

In 2015, the 193 member states of the United Nations also unanimously adopted the Sustainable Development Goals. The achievement of many of these goals is highly dependent on family-oriented policies being implemented by governments.

The International Day of Families provides an opportunity to bring further attention to these goals, and the policies that decision makers must put in place to support them. 

What is the theme of International Day of Families 2022?

This year’s theme is “Families and Urbanisation”, and aims to raise awareness on the importance of sustainable, family-friendly urban policies.

The United Nations recognises that urbanisation is one of the key trends shaping our modern world, and is having a significant impact on the lives and wellbeing of families all over the world.

Sustainable urbanisation is related to the achievement of poverty eradication, good health and wellbeing, safe and sustainable communities, and a reduction of inequality amongst countries.

The COVID-19 pandemic in particular has had an unprecedented effect on many areas of life for families, including economic, educational and nutrition concerns.

The International Day of Families 2022 presents an opportunity to highlight these inequalities and implement realistic solutions.

How can I support International Day of Families?

There are many ways that you can support International Day of Families 2022, and help to raise awareness of the most important issues impacting families globally.

Here we outline a few ideas:

Donate to our Ukraine Emergency Appeal

Families throughout Ukraine are currently fleeing, hiding or worse while Russia attacks their country. This invasion is the latest in an ongoing conflict that has killed thousands of people since 2014, and could displace up to 6.5 million people.

You can help now by donating to the Ukraine Emergency Appeal. Your support will help to deliver emergency relief to children and their families as the crisis unfolds.

Create a Facebook fundraiser

Did you know that you can fundraise on Facebook for ChildFund Australia? By setting up your own fundraiser you can invite family and friends to donate to the Ukraine Emergency Appeal also. Help to support the International Day of Families on a smaller scale by creating your fundraiser now.

Host a morning tea

You can take the time to discuss the International Day of Families with your co-workers, by setting up a morning tea fundraiser in the office. A gold coin donation from staff members could be suggested, with the proceeds from this going to one of our current appeals to support children and families.

Together we can empower families all over the world to access the care and support needed to thrive this International Day of Families.

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