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ChildFund’s 2020 Challenge: siblings spread kindness amid challenges of COVID-19 pandemic

Khadeeja and her little brother Hamza (pictured above) are on a mission to spread kindness in their community, while at the same time helping children around the world.

The siblings, aged five and three respectively, from Victoria are taking part in ChildFund’s 2020 Challenge this October to raise money for children in disadvantaged communities.

Their challenge – carrying out 20 acts of kindness – could not come at a better time as so many people struggle with the uncertainty and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Khadeeja and Hamza have been handing out flowers to neighbours and passersby in their street, making tea to thank builders in their neighbourhood, sharing cake with their teachers and friends, and spending time with an elderly friend.

The pair have also been visiting and thanking their “community helpers”.

“I gave flowers to the postman, librarian and police officers because at school we learnt about community helpers,” Khadeeja says. “They were very happy and said thank you.

“I also went to the fire station and I said thank you.”

Mum Mariam says the Challenge is having a positive impact in their lives.

“The Challenge isn’t only about telling them that it’s their responsibility to share, but also boosting their confidence too,” Mariam says.

Five-year-old Khadeeja and three-year-old Hamza have been handing out flowers to neighbours as part of their 2020 Challenge.

“The kind of activities we’re doing have really made my children come out in a better way. The Challenge has given them another perspective on things. Even though Khadeeja and Hamza were already making cards and planting flowers at home, the Challenge gave them the perspective that they could share these things and give cards and flowers to their teachers, friends and people passing by.”

One act of kindness the children do regularly is meet up with an elderly friend. “We always go to our friend’s house,” Khadeeja says. “We go every day to meet her and we take her out to the markets, to the park and my school.”

Khadeeja and Hamza, with a friend, gift their teachers a cake to say thank you.

Khadeeja and Hamza are also putting a portion of their pocket money away to give to charity to help disadvantaged people in Pakistan.

“I have a lot of money to collect because I want to give some money to the poor people in Pakistan,” Khadeeja says.

While Khadeeja and Hamza have already achieved their initial fundraising target for the Challenge, Mariam says the values and lessons the children are learning from their acts of kindness are invaluable.

The siblings have been visiting and thanking their “community helpers”.

“I want my children to share what they have and to know that by sharing we actually find more peace and we actually find more love,” Mariam says. “It’s all about being more grateful, more kind and more loving.

“I wanted them to participate in the Challenge because they should know that it’s not easy: not everybody is always welcoming and not everybody is always there to help. I wanted them to know how they could bring kindness to even those people.”

Khadeeja has certainly taken on the values Mariam is trying to instil in her children. “It is important to give to children,” Khadeeja says. “I’ve already raised $300 in the challenge.

“I feel good when I share. It is everybody’s responsibility to share.”

Khadeeja and Hamza with their family friend, whom they regularly visit.

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