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Lauren Moore joins the ChildFund Australia ambassador program

Giants Netballer, Lauren Moore, is the latest to join ChildFund Australia’s Ambassador program. The 24-year-old has always been passionate about helping others, so when her teammate put her forward for the program, she leapt at the opportunity. “I want to give back and put a smile on kids faces whenever I can.”

Lauren started throwing a netball around when she was just five years old. Her Mum supported her love of netball, but as a child Lauren tried every other sport under the sun from athletics to soccer to surf lifesaving.

As she got older, she had to decide where to put her energy. Despite loving running, Lauren says that netball was what she was most passionate about. “I loved the team aspect. I hope to be on the court throwing the ball around for as long as my body will let me.”

Over time she progressed through the state and national teams. She signed her first contract, at just 17, with the NSW Swifts. After six seasons, two shoulder reconstructions and two premierships, she signed with the cross-town rival team at age 23, the Giants to play her preferred positions in defence.

Lauren believes that you should always help others when you can. “It’s easy to be kind.”

Inspired by fellow athlete and ChildFund ambassador Emily Chancellor, she is looking forward to joining the group. “I was really inspired by Emily and her trip to Laos. Seeing the videos and hearing about all the boys and girls playing together regardless of gender was awesome.”

Like Emily, Lauren is particularly excited to be involved with Sport for Development – a curriculum that uses partnerships to provide children with opportunities to play, learn and lead.

“I would love to go on a trip and give kids an experience. Cambodia or Vietnam would be incredible.”

Lauren has always looked for opportunities to help others. When she was 22 cut her hair to raise money for cancer research. “With the kid’s cancer shaved my head, hadn’t had any one personally touched by cancer. Any opportunity to give back, people don’t have those opportunities.”

She also works part-time as a disability support worker at the WhatAbility Foundation. Here she was inspired by her co-workers and those she works with. “They really inspire me. I learned that if you want to do something, then just do it. Go for it.”

One day Lauren dreams of representing NSW. “Goal defence and goalkeeper. I would love to play for the Diamonds one day.”

Learn more about ChildFund Australia’s Ambassador program.

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