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Caroline’s fight for education!

In Caroline`s family, school is viewed as being only for boys. As a result, it was difficult for her to access education as a young girl.

It was also a common practice for girls to be circumcised. But a local school administrator was instrumental in preventing Caroline`s circumcision and also guided her to ChildFund`s Psychological Support and Care (PSS) trainings where Caroline gained key insights into the rights of women and children.

That knowledge has given her drive and courage to pursue her academic goals.

Now 20-years old, Caroline is a thriving high school student in Kimalel Day Secondary School in Kenya`s Marigat District. She is very passionate about education for girls and shares her experiences with other youth who are struggling to get an education. Caroline (pictured) leads education awareness meetings in her community and has been instrumental in encouraging other girls to go to school and helping them understand their rights.

Recently, her ideas around inclusion of girls were used to help ChildFund and its local partners map a strategy for future community education programs.

Caroline`s efforts have also contributed to a noticeable reduction in regressive cultural practices in her community where education for girls is not highly valued.

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