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Mother’s Day Charity Gift Guide

There’s nothing quite as powerful as a mother’s love for her children, and her desire to see them grow up and reach their full potential. 

If you’re considering giving mum, or a maternal figure in your life, a donation on her behalf for Mother’s Day, there’s no better way than to choose a charity gift from our Gifts for Good catalogue. You’ll not only be helping children living in poor communities, but providing support for mothers around the world. 

To help you decide how you and Mum want to change the world this Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a Mother’s Day Charity Gift Guide. Read on to see what a difference your Mother’s Day gift could make, and learn about our new charity gift bundles!

Donate blankets or malaria nets to keep a child safe and sound

Every child wants to feel safe and warm, but poverty can mean a child’s life may lack basic comforts. A blanket can help a child to brave cold winter nights, so they sleep soundly, remain healthy, and can focus on their school work. 

Preventable disease is also a very real threat to children’s health in developing communities. A simple mosquito net is a proven and cost-effective method to prevent the spread of malaria. Hung over a child’s bed, a net will keep them safe from malaria-carrying mosquitoes. 

Gift a warm blanket or malaria net as individual gifts, or together in our Safe and Sound Bundle:

Buy furry friends and provide a family with farm animals

These furry friends are a twofold gift! Farm animals provide families in developing communities with a range of nutritious goods that can be used to feed their children, or sold for additional income. They’re also a furry companion for children to love and spend time with. 

Goats produce milk and cheese which are highly nutritious for growing children. and the eggs laid by chickens area vital source of protein. Meanwhile sheep provide an ongoing source of wool, which families can use to make clothing, blankets, and other textiles. 

Gift Mum your favourite farm animal, or a whole barnyard together in our Furry Friends Bundle below:

Your donation can be the gift that provides a child with a brighter future

When you were growing up, you had dreams and aspirations. Education is the most powerful strategy to reduce poverty, ensuring the next generation of children in developing countries are able to reach their full potential. 

Confidence is absolutely essential to active participation in school, and a brand new school uniform will help a child develop a sense of belonging among their peers. 

From pens and pencils to exercise books, there’s so much a child needs for school and when you donate our pack of school supplies you’ve got them covered for a full school year. 

Give a school uniform or educational supplies as individual gifts or donate all that a child needs for school in our Bright Future Bundle below:

Change the future of an entire family when you donate water filters or nutritious food

Up to 44% of children in Laos suffer from malnutrition. You and Mum (and even Grandma!) can change the future of an entire family by providing a safe source of water and a stable diet for a family in need. 

A deepwater borehole system gives the gift of clean, safe water that a whole school — or even an entire community — can rely upon. Clean drinking water protects children and their communities from life-threatening waterborne disease, such as diarrhoea. Fruit trees and packs of vegetable seeds help families establish household gardens where they can grow their own produce in what will become a reliable source of fresh food. 

Donate water filters, fruit trees and seed packs as individual gifts or together in our Food for Thought Bundle below:

Help fight COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has left children around the world without enough food to eat and vulnerable communities with limited access to the supplies needed to fight the virus.

This Mother’s Day, you can help restock a health station with desperately needed medicines, medical supplies, personal protective equipment and other necessities to ensure that children and families have ready access to the care and resources they need to stay healthy.

Change the world with a special and meaningful Mother’s Day Gift

You and Mum can change the world for a family living in poverty this Mother’s Day. Donate a charity gift for Mum now and show the world the power of a mother’s love!

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