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Welcome Back!

Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

If thinking about adventure travel gets you excited, imagine actually doing it. Are you looking for an experience that will help you find balance and cultivate gratitude? Do you want to refocus, realign or reconnect? Do you want to experience the trip of a lifetime, while also supporting a good cause? 

Well, then this is an adventure you can’t miss. In September of this year, we challenge you to challenge yourself, and join us for a trek through northern Vietnam, and raise money for some of Asia’s most vulnerable children. Here’s why.

This is your chance to do something life-changing

Yes, this will be a life-changing experience. You’ll spend five days trekking through northern Vietnam. The patchwork of rice paddies and rippling green mountains is a picturesque backdrop to Vietnam’s rural villages, where children and families continue to struggle with high levels of poverty.

As you lace up your boots and soak in the splendour revealed by every kilometre, you’ll have the chance to reflect, assess and grow. It’s on journeys like these, when you have the opportunity to see how others in the world live differently, that life-changing truths emerge.

Experience the traditions of Vietnamese culture

Rural Vietnam is home to rich traditions, many of which you’ll experience in the villages en route. From the taste of traditional food,  to the colours and sounds of rural life, you’ll bear witness to the real Vietnam, the Vietnam outside the bright lights of Hanoi.

Make a difference by fundraising for children in need

All adventurers are asked to fundraise $3,500 in support of ChildFund Pass It Back, an award-winning sport for development program, recently the 2019 principal charity partner for Rugby World Cup

The program teaches valuable life skills to help children build resilience, overcome life challenges and inspire positive social change in their communities. ChildFund Pass It Back is currently active in Laos, Philippines, Timor-Leste and Vietnam.

There’s no catch, only an adventure

At the end of the trek, you’ll see where your fundraising money is going as you spend two days visiting ChildFund projects. You’ll be invited to play a game of tag rugby with children and coaches active in the ChildFund Pass It Back program, learning first-hand how supporters like you are helping children play, learn and grow. 

Here’s some answers to questions you might have:

When is the trek?

From touchdown to lift off, the Inspired Adventures trek will take place between 5th and 16th September.

Do we have time for sight-seeing?

The adventure includes an initial few days in Hanoi, where you’ll bond with your teammates and meet your local guides, who’ll be leading the charge on the trek. 

Once the trek is complete, you’ll spend time in Ha Long Bay, and visit a selection of ChildFund projects.

Is accomodation included?

Yes! We’ll arrange accommodation for all adventurers for the length of the trip. You’ll lodge in twin-share 3-star hotels and homestay during the trek.

How much does it cost?

With the exception of your fundraising target, you’ll be charged a non-refundable registration fee of AU $770, and a travel package of $2,590 (land only and subject to change).

Will you accept the challenge?

We challenge you to challenge yourself.

Don’t think you can raise the funds? Here’s how one Aussie couple have started to fundraise for their inspired adventure. 

It’s not too late to kick-off your efforts, go on a life-changing adventure, and make a difference for children in need.

When ChildFund supporter Mandy Eagle met her sponsored children in Kenya, there were tears of joy and gratitude.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I was over there,” the NSW resident says, “but I cried a lot.

“I cried mainly because of the love. When you get there you realise they’ve got nothing apart from their family. They’re lucky to have clothes on their back and they walk kilometres and kilometres in the dust to go to school.”

It had been 11 years since Mandy first started supporting ChildFund when she decided to meet Jane, Naisoi and Seleyian, three of the four children she sponsored through the organisation.

Mandy had been writing to the girls for many years, but visiting them was a chance for her to develop a greater understanding of who they were, their lives, and their hopes and dreams. For Mandy, it was a “life-enhancing and enriching” experience.

A warm welcome

She took away many “precious moments” from her sponsor visit, but there is one in particular that she will never forget: seven-year-old Jane’s joy and gratitude after discovering her sponsor had brought her dolls from Australia. 

“Jane ran directly over to me and wrapped her arms around me and gave me the biggest and most loving hug I’ve ever had,” Mandy says.

“This still brings tears to my eyes. It was in such contrast to how complacent our kids in the West get when given such simple gifts.”

Jane and her family lived in a tiny home in Nairobi’s slums. The family had put in a lot of effort to make Mandy feel welcome, cleaning the place before she arrived and decorating the walls with lace tablecloth.

“They had this little corrugated room where six people slept, ate, did everything,” Mandy says. “The trouble they went to, to make the room as lovely, clean and presentable as possible was beautiful.”