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Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

Today there are so many ways to give to your favourite charity, including online or in person at charity boxes, events and fundraisers. To make the biggest difference to the lives of children and families everywhere, regular giving to ChildFund Australia is a great option. We take a look at why you should consider regular giving.

What are the advantages of regular giving?

Regular giving is simple and effective for both parties

We understand that you might have less money to give at certain times of the year. That’s why regular giving is a great option for making donations more affordable. Whether it’s the holiday season or bills that are due, you may not always be able to donate a significant amount. When you sign up for regular giving, the financial impact of your donation is spread throughout the year. If you need to, you can also pause your monthly donation or change the amount at any time. 

The flexibility of recurring charity giving not only allows you to donate at a level that’s comfortable for you – it’s also good for your tax return. Regular giving to ChildFund Australia is tax deductible, and will be used to support our priority projects across Africa and Asia.

Regular giving means greater revenue for priority projects

Did you know that recurring donations are over four times more valuable for charities than large one-time donations? Research shows that recurring donors who give on a monthly basis donate 440 percent more to charity over their lifetime than one-time donors, and 42 percent more than people who create a personal fundraising page in support of a cause.

When you provide a one-off donation, though you may donate a larger amount, the sum is typically still less than what would be given throughout the course of a year. When you sign up to donate monthly in contrast, these smaller amounts that are provided more regularly, add up to a greater contribution throughout the course of the year. This additional income allows us to work on a greater volume of priority projects.

Regular giving to charity allows us to plan better

With one-off charity donations, it’s often difficult to predict the total sum of these contributions throughout the course of the year. Thus, we can’t plan in advance what to do with the money. But revenue from regular giving is predictable. When an increased number of donors sign on to give regularly, we can plan well in advance the projects that can be undertaken and the resources that can be delegated to them.

Regular giving improves our cash flow

Many non-profit organisations or charities accumulate the largest portion of their income during a specific window of time. For example, they may fundraise or advertise during the holidays and receive one-off donations for targeted projects. While ultimately beneficial, this does create some logistical challenges. Operating costs are a year-round expense, leaving some charities to struggle to maintain projects financially over the course of the year.

Emergencies like natural disasters, wars, or pandemics are other unforeseen circumstances that can also use funds quickly and threaten the viability of a charity’s pre-planned projects.

A predictable income stream helps charities such as ChildFund Australia to keep going throughout the year – even during periods absent of advertising and fundraising events. Regular giving provides a predictable income stream that can be utilised in the areas where it is most needed.

Regular giving through monthly donation

You can make a difference for 1,000 children in one year, when you sign up to donate monthly to ChildFund Australia. It’s a simple and convenient way to give and can transform the lives and futures of many children.

Month by month, you’ll help to create change you can see – lasting changes that transforms the conditions that currently hold children back. Your donation will go to where it’s most needed and could be used across a number of vital initiatives.

 Your monthly donations will also help to provide essentials and a better start to life for children in the poorest situations. It’s hard for children to reach their potential if they’re facing hunger, sickness, a lack of education or risk of serious harm. Health, education and safety are the areas of highest priority for monthly donations.

Are you ready to make a difference through regular giving? Sign up now to donate monthly to ChildFund Australia.

Around the world, there are many threats to solidarity for children and their families. Poverty, violence and other human rights abuses undermine peace, security and social harmony every day. 

To address these challenges, we must address their root causes by boosting the spirit of human solidarity, that is, friendship. If we work to develop trust and camaraderie, we can create the shift needed to unite us all for the greater good. That is what the International Day of Friendship is all about.

When is International Day of Friendship?

International Day of Friendship is held on Saturday 30th July 2022.

What is International Day of Friendship?

First held in 2011 by the UN General Assembly, International Day of Friendship follows UNESCO’s Culture of Peace proposal. The organisation’s Culture of Peace values aim to reject violence and prevent conflict by addressing its root causes and solving problems.

To celebrate the International Day of Friendship, the UN encourages international organisations, governments, and civil society groups to form initiatives and hold activities promoting a dialogue about solidarity, reconciliation and mutual understanding. 

Why is International Day of Friendship celebrated?

International Day of Friendship aims to inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities with friendship. It places emphasis on the world’s future leaders, with young people being involved. Celebrating International Day of Friendship involves community activities that bring people together from a variety of different cultures, and promotes respect for diversity and understanding.

What are the themes of International Day of Friendship?

There are various themes associated with the International Day of Friendship. Bringing about a culture of peace through education, while promoting sustainable economic and social development form an important part of this.

International Day of Friendship also promotes respect for all human rights and work towards gender equality. The observance day encourages democratic participation, tolerance, solidarity, and understanding to support the flow of knowledge and information. Above all, creating international peace and security is a top priority.

How you can get involved with International Day of Friendship activities

There are many ways to get involved in International Day of Friendship activities. One good place to start is to build awareness about what International Day of Friendship is about and how you and your friends can help. For example, you could talk about challenges people face worldwide that hamper their life and future. You could even spread awareness by sharing information on social media.

How can I support International Day of Friendship?

There are various ways to support International Day of Friendship activities and help promote friendship, tolerance, and solidarity.

Here are a few ideas:

Sign up to Donate Monthly

So many children around the world live in severe poverty, with the odds stacked against them no matter what they do. But you can change this with a monthly donation. 

Why not sign up to make a monthly donation for International Day of Friendship? When you donate monthly, you can change the lives of 1,000 children in one year.

Give a Gift for Good

With International Day of Friendship’s emphasis on supporting young people, what better way to participate in the International Day of Friendship than by giving a Gift for Good? ChildFund’s Gifts for Good are a great way to support ChildFund’s efforts around the globe to improve the wellbeing of children and give them a brighter future.

Choose from a cow for a family, COVID-19 protection kits for 10 families, a month’s worth of food for two families, a school supplies set, a handwashing station, or a mosquito net, among many others.

Donate to our Ukraine Emergency Appeal

Many people in Ukraine are fleeing, hiding or worse while Russia attacks their country. This invasion is the latest in an ongoing conflict that has killed thousands since 2014 and could displace up to 7 million people.

You can help now by donating to the Ukraine Emergency Appeal. Your support will help give emergency relief to children and their families as this crisis unfolds.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Did you know you can make an International Day of Friendship fundraiser on Facebook for ChildFund Australia? You can invite family and friends to donate to ChildFund Australia by setting up your fundraiser. Help to support the International Day of Friendship on a small scale by creating your fundraiser now.

Host a Morning Tea

Why not take the time to discuss International Day of Friendship with your co-workers? Set up a morning tea fundraiser in the office. A gold coin donation from colleagues could be suggested, with the proceeds going to one of our current appeals to support children and families.

With your help, we can empower people all over the world to access the care and support needed to advance tolerance and peace on this International Day of Friendship.