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Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

On 3 September, we mark Father’s Day 2023. It’s a special day to acknowledge and celebrate the positive impact of dads and father figures and the ways they’ve helped shape us to be the people we are today. A loving, present, and supportive male role model can have a lasting influence on our wellbeing.

Around the world, dads and father figures are doing their part to raise a stronger, happier – and more educated – generation of children. Whether the male role model in your life encouraged you to pursue your hobbies, explained current events, encouraged you to stay in school or inspired you to dream big, chances are he made sure education was a top priority when you were growing up.

A hands-on approach to fatherhood

Early childhood education is a stepping stone to building a brighter future for children. In Lautem, Timor-Leste, one dad’s dedication to his children’s education is making positive! – waves in his community.

Like most dads, Florencio, wants a better future for his three children. He makes it a priority to be involved in all aspects of their lives, especially when it comes to their education.

“For me, the most important thing is my children,” says Florencio, who can be seen every morning, walking his sons to school. His oldest son is in Year 2 and his second son is attending a local ChildFund supported preschool. “I share work with my wife, my wife takes care of our third child, and I take the kids to school every day. Every important thing that I must do I always do it after my children come back from school.”

A hands-on dad, Florencio is committed to giving his children a good head start in life, even if that means going against the traditional gender roles of his community. Besides school drop-off being non-negotiable, he makes time to sit and study with his children twice a day and reads magazines with them to help them with literacy. They also play games together supplied by ChildFund at the preschool. Today, Florencio’s oldest son, Arjun, is one of the top students in his grade!

A passionate advocate for quality early childhood education, Florencio is leading by example. His actions show the important role dads and father figures can play in helping children achieve their dreams. 

Give the ultimate charity gift this Father’s Day

It’s not too late to show your appreciation for dad! A charitable gift from our range of Gifts for Good will give your dad the opportunity to help children stay in school and get a quality education.

Here are a few last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas we think will bring a smile to your dad’s face.

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On 12 August, we mark International Youth Day 2023. This day highlights the challenges that today’s youth face and celebrates the impact young people make on society. International Youth Day is now more critical than ever with the world’s largest youth generation. Young people now make up 16 per cent of the world’s population.

Do you want to help support International Youth Day 2023? Let’s look at how to celebrate International Youth Day and ways you can support young people around the world.

When is International Youth Day?

International Youth Day 2023 is on Saturday, 12 August.

What is International Youth Day about?

A decade after the United Nations celebrated its first Year of Youth in 1985, a global forum known as the United Nations General Assembly set up the World Programme of Action for Youth. This program outlined a set of policies to improve the lives of young people worldwide. Since 2000, the United Nations has celebrated International Youth Day on 12 August. It is a day to celebrate youth globally, children’s rights, and acknowledge young people’s challenges.

What is the theme for International Youth Day 2023?

This World Youth Day is all about recognising and advocating ‘green skills’ for youth, and working with young people to develop a more sustainable world.

According to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, green skills are “knowledge, abilities, values and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society”.

Why is International Youth Day important?

International Youth Day 2023 is a chance to acknowledge and celebrate the vital contribution that young people make to our societies. World Youth Day is also a day to ensure youth are listened to on issues that are important to them. International Youth Day 2023 provides a platform for young people to speak. 

The day also reminds us that children’s rights need to be upheld, but not all young people get the same opportunities in life. Many youth face significant barriers, including dealing with poverty, and limited access to education and health care. No matter where a young person is from, their voice should be heard.

ChildFund is supporting young people living in developing communities around the world to break down some of these barriers.

In Timor-Leste, Laura, 24, (pictured left), is shaking things up – in a good way – in her community. With the support of ChildFund Timor-Leste, Laura learnt life and leadership skills, which helped her to change her approach to life. “I was the person who lacked the confidence to talk in front of people,” Laura said. “I just stayed at home and helped my parent’s small business at home.

“I felt proud and happy when I joined the Inspiring Youth Changemakers program. It helped to improve my confidence, think outside of the box and get me outside my comfort zone.

“The life skills training helped me to understand how to write a good CV and a cover letter, and attend an interview session. I didn’t know those skills before.”

Another key part of International Youth Day is encouraging young people to get involved. Youth should be included in discussing their adversities and addressing the issues that are important to them.

“I started to think about how a young woman like me could support other young women,” Laura said after participating in ChildFund’s youth program in Timor-Leste. “I learnt what it means to be a good leader and how to advocate for the issues or problems that are faced by children, youth, and adults in my community.”

Undoubtedly, one of the main aspects of International Youth Day is the chance to hear young people’s voices and celebrate their contributions to their communities. Furthermore, it is a chance to address young people’s legal and cultural issues, recognise their abilities, and encourage them to keep speaking up.

How can you help support young people this International Youth Day?

Every child needs a childhood in which they are nurtured, protected and can access opportunities. This International Youth Day, you can set up a monthly donation to ChildFund Australia, which gives children in developing nations ongoing support. These donations can provide more than 1,000 children with better hygiene and health. You also enable a better education for youth and keep them safe and secure. 

You could also consider our range of Gifts for Good. These gifts help a family stay safe, healthy, and thriving long-term. With options like blankets and pillows, sheep, cows, mosquito nets and more, these gifts for good go a long way and do a lot for people.

Your support will not only help a young person living in poverty and their entire family, but will also extend the reach of International Youth Day throughout the year.