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Father’s Day is the one special day of the year where you get to celebrate and give thanks to your dad for all he has done for you.

Dads are special people who are there when you need them most. During our childhoods, fathers help us to learn, and make sure we feel safe, secure and loved. As adults, they are still on hand to provide support and guidance.

This Father’s Day there is no better way to show your appreciation than by giving your dad a gift that will truly change lives. Rather than gifting him another boring t-shirt or pair of socks, reciprocate his generous and loving nature by donating a charitable gift from our range of Gifts for Good on his behalf. 

To help you choose the perfect gift, we have put together a list of six gifts we think your dad will love!

1. Donate chickens to charity for dad

Nduku (10) and her brother Muthiani (6) hold chickens given to them by ChildFund in Makueni County, Kenya.
Nduku (10) and her brother Muthiani (6) hold chickens given to them by ChildFund in Makueni County, Kenya. The chickens have strengthened the family’s health and economic status and allowed them to weather the current drought. March 1, 2017. GOLAH Chickens. Photo by Jake Lyell for ChildFund, NZ.

Chickens are a gift that keep on giving to a family in poverty. The eggs a chicken lays will provide food for the family well into the future, and provide them with a steady income

Your dad never let you go hungry when you were growing up, let him do the same for a family in need this Father’s Day. 

2. Make dad a hero by donating a water filter to a village in need

Clean water is essential for human survival. A filter provides safe drinking water to remote areas where access is otherwise limited . These water filters save lives by preventing the transmission of life-threatening waterborne disease. 

Donating a water filter will help keep newborns and young children healthy as their immune systems develop. This means that the children are healthy and can attend school, and their parents are not struggling to pay expensive medical bills. 

By giving a water filter, your dad will be changing the lives of a family forever.

3. Help a child get to school with a bike and helmet

Schoolchildren with bikes in Cambodia
Children in Cambodia

Learning how to ride a bike is something your dad might have helped you with as a child. A lot of patience and support is needed when teaching someone how to ride a bike, but the end results are amazing. Give the joy of cycling to another father and child living in poverty by donating a bike and helmet this Father’s Day. 

Many children in developing countries have to walk long lengths to get to school, sometimes through dangerous conditions. Your donated bike and helmet will help a child get to school quickly and safely. This child will be forever thankful for the impact your dad’s gift will have on their daily life. 

4. Give a hand washing station to a community in need for your dad

A handwashing station improves the hygiene of a whole community, which significantly reduces rates of disease. By teaching the community about hygiene and providing access to soap and toothbrushes, this facility allows them to stay clean and healthy. 

This will be a gift your dad will always remember, as he will be responsible for improving the health of a whole community in need, which is so important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. Donate two pairs of children’s shoes

When you were a kid playing sports, your dad always made sure you had the right equipment so you could play your best and improve your skills. However, many families in developing countries often can’t afford sports equipment or shoes for their children. It is likely they only have one good pair of shoes, or a pair that they wear all the time, which means they wear out sooner. 

Proper footwear helps children prevent injuries when playing sports, or while playing outdoors in the community. This Father’s Day, donate a pair of children’s shoes to a child in need. Your dad will appreciate this life-changing gift, encouraging children to safely participate in sports and inspire them to be their best.

6. Let your dad change children’s lives by donating a study desk

Giving the gift of a study desk allows children to reach their full potential in the classroom. In developing countries, children often have to sit on unfinished floors which is uncomfortable and makes it hard to focus on their school work. 

Donating a desk means that children can learn in a safe and comfortable environment. Your dad will love that he is supporting children in need to reach their full potential, just as he cared about your education. 

Give the ultimate gift this Father’s day with our charity gift bundles  

Can’t choose just one gift? Our charity gift bundles combine some of our most in need gifts together in one bundle to make an even bigger difference. Our charity gift bundles include:  

  • Furry Friends Bundle: There’s nothing more special than a furry friend. These animals will provide children in need with edible goods, and companionship.
  • Bright Future Bundle: You and Dad could help a child in need reach their full potential by supporting their education.
  • Food for Thought Bundle: Help parents in need provide for their children with food supplies to feed the whole family.

Give a meaningful charity gift this Father’s Day

Show your appreciation for dad this Father’s Day by giving him a gift that will change the lives of those who need it most. A charitable gift from our range of Gifts for Good will bring a smile to your dad’s face and will give him the opportunity to make a real difference in the world.

In 2015, the United Nations launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); a global framework for addressing the world’s most pressing challenges.

The SDGs are a universal call to action to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change, with each of the 17 goals including targets and indicators that all UN Member States must achieve by 2030.

For the first time in history, we now have a global target focused on increasing protection for children. SDG target 16.2 represents a ground-breaking commitment by UN Member States to end all forms of violence and exploitation against children (EVAC).

This commitment to end violence against children is also integrated into other global goals, such as ending child labour (SDG 8) and achieving quality education and safe learning environments (SDG 4).

The ChildFund Alliance actively contributed to the positioning of SDG target 16.2 as a core element within the 2030 agenda.

Our 3-year Free from Violence and Exploitation campaign included consultations with children in over 50 countries. This gave young people around the world the opportunity to share their vision for the future, as well as their views on the violence and exploitation perpetrated against them.

Their call for a safer world for children has guided ChildFund’s efforts to promote implementation of target 16.2.

Since the adoption of the SDGs, a group of leading agencies (including the World Health Organization, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Bank) have developed the INSPIRE Strategies.

These present a broad range of economic, political and social evidence-based approaches that governments and their partners can use to turn target 16.2 into action. Already, 26 Member States have made a formal commitment to action to end all forms of violence against children.

Building on ChildFund Alliance’s decades of experience in child protection programming, its 11 members are now implementing a range of projects around the world focused on EVAC.

The ChildFund Alliance is also calling on governments to further advance progress towards the achievement of SDG target 16.2 and other violence-related targets. In particular, we are urging governments to take the following actions:

  • Analyse gaps in child protection systems and create and implement policies to address those gaps and end violence against children.
  • Increase financial commitments and actual investment to end violence against children.
  • Meaningfully involve children in the development and implementation of child protection policies, as well as within SDG review processes.
  • Effectively prevent and respond to violence against children by adopting evidence-based INSPIRE strategies and demonstrate leadership on ending violence against children.
  • Report on target 16.2 and related targets in SDG monitoring and evaluation efforts.

At the ChildFund Alliance, we know that violence against children is preventable, but action is needed by all stakeholders – governments, civil society organisations, children and youth – if we are to build safer communities and realise a world free from violence for all young people.

Download a copy of Building Momentum: A call for action to end violence against children, an overview of ChildFund Alliance projects around the world that are working to end violence and exploitation against children.