Everyone knows a version of the saying “give someone a fish and they will eat for a day; teach them to fish and they will eat for a lifetime”.

In landlocked Laos, fishing may not always be a valuable skill, but the essence of this saying still rings true.

Instead of relying on seafood, families in Laos are dependent on agriculture-based activities to feed their families.

Unfortunately, many families in Laos’ most disadvantaged communities do not have farms that are productive enough to provide a balanced diet, leading to some of Asia’s highest rates of malnutrition.

When you buy seeds for a family in Laos, you not only provide a starting kit for a nutrient-rich home garden, you will provide training that helps families ensure their vegetables thrive.

Your gift of seeds can help end child malnutrition and give families an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. Here are five reasons why you should give the gift of seeds.

1. You will help families that need it most

To reach the most vulnerable children, ChildFund conducts nutrition surveys in villages in northern Laos. These surveys identify children under five who are malnourished. Their parents are invited to workshops where they receive training from local experts and seeds to start home gardens.

Research has found that malnutrition early in life can have lifelong consequences, which is why young children are most at risk. Not only are malnourished children more likely to get sick and miss out on a happy childhood, they are less likely to excel at school which in turn reduces their chances of finding decent employment further down the track. This can impact families for generations.

Your gift of seeds can help prevent malnutrition early in child’s life, and put them on a course that can transform their lives, and the lives of future generations.


Literacy is a human right and a powerful tool for human and social development, poverty eradication, peace and democracy.

Many children in Cambodia have never had this right, especially in rural areas where schools are under-resourced and the standard of teaching is limited.

ChildFund Cambodia is increasing literacy rates in Cambodia by improving teaching, helping more children attend school, and providing new libraries.

Sreymao is a Grade 3 student in a school in rural Cambodia. When she was in Grade 2, her library was small and only had a limited selection of books.

While Sreymao and her schoolmates were on their school break, ChildFund built a new library and stocked it with a large selection of books and tablets.

ChildFund has upgraded more than 80 libraries in rural villages in Cambodia and built more than 12 new libraries for students like Sreymao.

“I am so happy that ChildFund built this new library that has many books, reading tools and tablets,” Sreymao says.

“The new library is also equipped with fans that make me comfortable in reading.”

The library has become a popular spot for Sreymao and her friends during their lunch breaks.

“During the two break times, I always go to library,” she says.

“Reading in the library helps improve my reading skill. When I can’t read some words, I ask the librarian.”

The books at Sreymao’s library connect her to the world and also bring to life the Khmer legends that are an important part of Cambodia’s history.

“I like reading legends as when I was young my grandma read legends to me,” Sreymao says.