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Tay MacNabb was a seasoned traveller when he embarked on a trip to Indonesia in early 2019. He had been to many developing countries before but he was unprepared for how much the trip to the island of Java would affect him.

He wasn’t going for just a holiday, or for work; he was going to meet eight-year-old Yumna, whom he had been sponsoring through ChildFund for almost four years.

“The whole experience was more rewarding than I had ever imagined,” he says.

Why Tay wanted to visit his sponsored child

After years of exchanging sponsor letters, Tay wanted Yumna and her family to be able to put a face to a name.

“I really wanted for Yumna and her parents to know that even though her sponsor was a great distance away living in another country, that her sponsor actually genuinely cared for them and their community to make the effort and take the time out to visit,” he says.

“I didn’t want to be this faceless person who merely corresponded by letters but rather someone who took an active and sincere interest in the progression and development of Yumna, which I believe can only be appreciated through a sponsor child visit.”

Every child needs a childhood, but when emergency strikes children can lose everything.

The recent combined earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia destroyed homes and schools, leaving 206,494 with nowhere to live and 46,000 children in urgent need of assistance. They need your help.


Children In Displacement Camps Need Child-Centred Spaces

Ten-year-old Maya is living with her mother in a displacement camp. At first, the children there had no toys to play with and nowhere to go to school.

Maya wanted to go home to look for something to play with in the debris, but her family was too afraid of further collapses.

Since ChildFund supported the construction of Child-Centered Spaces in the camp, Maya can’t wait to go there to see the tutors and meet with her friends.

“I am happy that now there is a place for children near our camp, where I can meet with other friends and play with hand puppets,” she said.

“My favourite hand puppet is the purple pony, it is so cute.”

These spaces provide a safe environment where children can play, express their emotions and receive necessary psychosocial support. Children are excited to restore some normality to their daily life with routine activities.