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This October, it’s time to celebrate the contribution that teachers make to our schools and communities on World Teacher’s Day. This is a day to acknowledge the challenges that teachers today face globally, as well as the effect that these challenges have on their students. Let’s take a look at what World Teacher’s Day is about and how you can donate to support it.

When is World Teacher’s Day?

World Teacher’s Day 2022 will be held on Wednesday 5th October.

What is World Teacher’s Day about?

In 1994, UNESCO decided the 5th of October would be World Teacher’s Day, aiming to celebrate the advance in teachers’ rights made in recent decades.

On this day in 1966, an intergovernmental conference in Paris adopted the UNESCO/ILO (International Labour Organisation) Recommendation about the Status of Teachers. This recommendation set out not only the responsibilities and rights of teachers, but also international standards for teachers’ initial preparation, further education, employment, recruitment, and learning and teaching conditions.

Why is World Teacher’s Day important?

World Teacher’s Day 2022 is a day to appreciate the vital contribution that teachers around the world make. However, World Teacher’s Day is also a day to be aware of the support teachers need to fully carry out their vocation and display their talent.

World Teacher’s Day is also a time to think about what the path ahead looks like for the teaching profession. World Teacher’s Day is a day to give a voice to teachers around the world.

What are the themes of World Teacher’s Day 2022?

This year’s World Teacher’s Day will mark its 28th anniversary. The theme for 2022 is “Teachers at the heart of education recovery” or “The transformation of education begins with teachers”. In other words, this year’s World Teacher’s Day aims to highlight the leadership of teachers in transforming education.

What does this mean? Teachers themselves have recently become more instrumental than ever in ensuring that learning happens. Across the pandemic, when students couldn’t physically attend school, teachers worked hard to ensure that their education could still continue. Though students had to stay at home, education didn’t stop. Last year’s World Teacher’s Day theme, “Teachers: leading in crisis, re-imagining the future”, supported teachers through the challenges of the COVID pandemic.

In developing and war-affected nations, the educational difficulties produced by the pandemic were even more pronounced. Paired with challenges such as limited access to electricity and school supplies, displaced students and natural disasters, teaching in developing nations has become more difficult than ever before.

How can you help support teachers and celebrate this World Teacher’s Day?

In developing countries, it can be difficult to gain access to supplies such as  stationery, school books and other resources required for a teacher to do their job well. So, this World Teacher’s Day, why not set up a monthly donation to ChildFund Australia? A monthly donation allows us to reliably provide teachers in developing nations with the resources that they need to support their student’s continued education.

Alternatively, why not consider donating an education gift from our range of Gifts for Good? Gifts such as a school supplies set or a bright future bundle can provide a child with everything they need to attend and participate in school, while a gift such as a scholarship for a student can allow a child to attend school who may not otherwise have the means.

Your support will not only help a student, family or school in need, but will also extend the reach of World Teacher’s Day throughout the year.

You can also spread the word about World Teacher’s Day on social media. Use #worldteachersday to raise awareness and encourage family and friends to participate too.

Today it is estimated that more than 1.2 billion children worldwide may live in poverty, which means they lack access to proper health care, nutrition, housing and education. This problem has only become worse during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to a further increase in challenges for affected families.

Now, more than ever, people in developed countries need to step up to the plate to consider how they can make a difference in these lives. If you’d love to help, you can donate monthly to support childhood education in these impoverished countries. But how do you go about this?

Creating lasting change

You can make a monthly donation to ChildFund Australia to support change for childhood education in developing communities. By committing each month, you’ll be able to help these children and their families and provide a level of consistency that they would otherwise miss out on. Your donations will also help fund important health and safety work in these communities.

The advantage of monthly donation

You may have been used to giving money to charities as and when they arise, and this money will also find its way to a good cause. However, when you commit to making a monthly donation regularly, it helps a charity such as ChildFund Australia focus on its goals and deliver our work in childhood education.

Adjusting your donation

You can make a flexible monthly donation should you wish, by adjusting the amount that you give each month. The important thing is that you are giving consistently and making changes to childhood education as you do so.

ChildFund Australia will keep you up-to-date on our work and show you where your money is going. This will help you see how you make a difference to the education of real children.

Making one-off donations

And if you wish, you can also make additional, one-off donations to childhood education by purchasing Gifts for Good, which can make a tremendous difference. For example, for a donation of $76, you can donate a School Supplies Set which gives the gift of essential school supplies for a student. 

For many parents, school supplies like pens, pencils and notebooks are unaffordable. Your donation can provide a student with the items they need for a successful year of learning, along with a backpack to carry them in. A good quality school bag can also help children to carry their school supplies more safely and comfortably.

Supporting the three pillars

ChildFund Australia supports children in developing nations through the three pillars of Health, Education and Safety. Your monthly donation will mean more children than ever can attend school and have the means to stay and continue their education. Your donation will also help to train new teachers, improve facilities at individual schools and purchase learning resources. Your generosity will reach children in need of many different ethnicities, ages and abilities.

Claiming tax deductions

Did you know that your donation is tax-deductible? In fact, you can submit any tax-deductible donation over $2 as part of your annual tax return. A tax-deductible donation is a monetary gift given without the promise of something in return and includes community appeals. Just remember that for a donation to be tax-deductible, it needs to be made to a charity that has a Deductible Gift Recipient status, just like ChildFund Australia.

Once you’ve made a one off  donation, you should expect to get a tax receipt within two weeks. If you sign up for a monthly donation, you will receive an annual receipt, typically sent at the end of July, ready for tax season.

Donate monthly today

If you would like to regularly donate for childhood education in developing countries, sign up to donate monthly to ChildFund Australia today. Your donation can make a difference to the education of 1,000 children per year, helping them to reach their fullest potential in life.