It can sometimes be challenging to find meaningful gifts at Christmas.

But this year, you can bring true joy to your friends and family without going anywhere near a shopping centre.

By purchasing a life-changing charity gift from our Gifts for Good catalogue, you can share a feel-good moment with a loved one, and bring happiness to the life of a child in need. Your act of kindness is a gift that can bring lasting joy.

This year our Gifts for Good catalogue is filled to the brim with creative and thoughtful Christmas donation presents. To help you decide between the lifesavers and big ticket items, here are five gifts that should be on every Christmas list.

Give a Goat as Your Gift

When you give a goat to a family in a developing community, you can help change an entire village. That’s why Chola, from ChildFund Zambia, says the communities we work with love receiving goats.

“The goat program is one of our most successful programs,” he says.

When you give your gift, a family in need will receive a goat and training that will help them turn your initial investment into a family business.

As part of the program, a baby goat is passed to a neighbouring family, which sustains and expands the program.


Donate a Water Filter To Save Lives


This year, you can give more than presents.

You can choose a gift that brings lasting joy.

When you buy a present from Gifts for Good, you won’t just bring a smile to the faces of your family and friends.

Your generosity will travel far and wide, responding to the real and changing needs of children from Timor-Leste to Zambia.

Whether you choose a goat or a bike, you are giving children and their families the practical resources they need for a healthier, safer and stronger future.

When it comes to giving, it really is the thought that counts.

Spread joy this year with a gift that lasts a lifetime. Here are five ways a simple gift can make a world of difference.

A dozen chicks ($27)

Xuan in Vietnam is an example of the major difference chickens can make in a familiy’s life. Xuan made the most of the chicks and the training she received, and now has more than 200 chickens that provide nutritious eggs for her children and income to help the family.

“With the money earned, we can pay for our children’s schooling and invest in longer-term agricultural activities,” she says.

This initial gift will keep growing for years to come.

Change a life like Xuan’s this Christmas

School Kit ($50)