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Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

This Christmas, change lives by donating a farm animal to a family in need. Your donation will truly be the gift that This Christmas, help change lives by gifting a farm animal to a family in need. Gift options include donating a dairy goat or donating one dozen chickens. Your donation will be the Christmas gift that keeps on giving, as a farm animal can provide families in rural communities with hope for the future.

Families who own a farm animal are able to earn additional income and access nutritious food. Evidence shows that the consumption of animal-source foods contributes to healthy child growth and development.

As well as goats and chickens, the animals we offer through our Gifts for Good program includes scows, pigs and sheep. To help you decide which farm animal you would like to give, we’ve listed how each one will change a family’s life.

Donate a cow to charity

Donate a Cow as a Christmas Gift

For families living in rural areas, particularly those vulnerable to drought and food insecurity, a cow is an invaluable gift.

Cows play a major role in supplying a plentiful supply of rich milk to nourish growing children. Cow milk also has a good resale value, which means families can sell it to purchase necessities such as flour, oil and medicine.

Gift a goat to charity

Donate a Goat as a Christmas Gift

One of the major reasons to donate a goat is that they are easy to breed and, when they do, most will have twins. More goats means more milk, and more livestock to sell. 

The meat and milk from a goat is highly nutritious and provides a good source of vitamins and minerals.  The manure from a goat is also an effective fertiliser which can be used on the family’s crops, and encourages vegetables to grow in abundance.

Donate a one dozen chickens to charity

For a family in a rural community, donating one dozen chickens can secure a healthier future. Chicken’s eggs contain high amounts of calcium and vitamin A, providing the children with essential nutrients. Chicken eggs are in high demand in rural communities, and so they can easily be sold at markets for additional income

Another reason to donate chickens is that they are easy to care for. Busy parents can leave their children in charge of looking after their chickens, giving them a sense of responsibility while learning important life skills.

Donate a sheep for charity

Sheep milk has one of the highest concentrations of essential nutrients, even higher than milk from cows or goats. This milk aids in growth and development, and is perfect for young children. Using sheep milk, families are also able to produce cheese and yogurt.

Another benefit of donating sheep is that their wool can be used to weave local textiles. Families can then sell the textiles they create with their local community.

Donate a furry friends bundle to spread even more Christmas cheer

Donate a Farm Animal as a Christmas Gift

If you can’t choose just one animal to donate, you don’t have to! Our Furry Friends Bundle combines three of our most popular animals and is a great way to make a lasting difference. 

Each Furry Friends Bundle comes with two sheep, five pigs and a dozen chickens. When you donate a Furry Friend’s Bundle, you can feel good knowing that you are supplying a reliable source of nutritious milk, eggs and more to help families who need it most.

Gift a farm animal and change lives this Christmas

By donating a farm animal this Christmas. No matter which animal you choose, you are improving the livelihood and wellbeing of a family who needs your help.

Visit our Gifts for Good page to view all our charity gifts, or contact us today.

As we draw closer to the festive season and Christmas shopping is underway, you’ve probably got your thinking cap on in regard to maximising your budget for gifts. Did you know that in certain circumstances Christmas gifts are actually tax deductible

As an employer, you can provide tax deductible gifts to staff, clients and vendors. Conditions around tax deductible Christmas gifts change regularly, so we encourage you to check the latest information provided by the ATO. 

Gifting charity donations for Christmas, however, is an option open to everyone, with fewer requirements to meet to boost your tax return. 

When is a donation to charity given as a Christmas gift considered tax deductible?

Of all the Christmas gifts you could choose to give this year, charity donations will give back to families in need, as well as boost your next tax return

For a charity donation to be considered tax deductible, it must be in an amount of more than $2, and not be given to a charity in exchange for goods or benefits (raffle tickets, entry to an event etc). The charity must also be endorsed as a Dedicated Gift Recipient by the ATO, and your receipt for the donation provided to prove your gift meets these requirements. 

This means that when you choose a charity donation as a Christmas gift to staff or clients, your business is contributing towards its social responsibility portfolio, making a difference for families in need and taking the opportunity to give a meaningful and personalised gift to a valued member of your team. Charity gifts are a win for everyone involved!

When is a Christmas gift to staff considered tax deductible?

For a Christmas gift to be tax deductible, it must be gifted by a business entity to a staff member, client or vendor under certain conditions. 

Gifts that are considered by the ATO to be “entertainment” fall under different conditions to those that are not, so we will address the two types of gifts and the tax benefits businesses can leverage separately. 

Are Christmas gifts that are considered to be “entertainment” tax deductible?

Christmas gifts that the ATO consider to be entertainment include tickets to theatre performances, sporting events and concerts. Cinema tickets, airline tickets and other forms of event-based activities also fall within the category of entertainment. 

Entertainment gifts that cost $300 or more are tax deductible, but they are also subject to Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT), something to keep in mind if you have an extensive client portfolio or staff list you wish to provide with experiential gifts. If, however, you give tickets that are less than $300 in value, they are not tax deductible, but they’re also not subject to FBT. 

What about Christmas gifts that aren’t considered “entertainment”?

The conditions for gifts that aren’t considered entertainment are much different, and more likely to earn a business a decent boost to their tax refund. 

Material gifts such as chocolates, Christmas hampers and baskets, wines, or fragrances, as well as monetary gifts in the form of vouchers or charity donations are not considered entertainment. Christmas gifts that aren’t entertainment are tax deductible regardless of value, and are only subject to FBT when valued over $300. 

Show your appreciation for staff and clients with Christmas gifts that will boost your tax return

Christmas gifts are tax deductible when they meet particular conditions, but they will always boost your tax return when you choose a charity donation. 

We encourage you to be creative in your choice and personalise toward the interests of your recipient. Show your appreciation for staff, clients and vendors by thanking them for a great year with a donation to charity for Christmas, an act of hope and kindness for the new year. 

Learn more about ChildFund’s range of Gifts for Good by browsing our catalogue. Staff Christmas gift ideas include our ‘Most in Need’ products such as COVID-19 Protection Kits for Families, Food Packs for Families and Safe Sleep Bundles.