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Donating to charity is a great way to give back to get back. Your donation will help children and communities in need, while reducing your taxable income, which means you’ll get a nice boost on your tax return.

But, we understand that you may want to know how your money is spent. You worked hard to earn it, and when donating, you want to be sure it’s actually helping the children and communities you care about.

One way that you can decide how your money will be spent by us is to donate a charity gift from our range of Gifts for Good. You’ll donate a gift, and we’ll provide it to a child, family or community that we work with. To help you choose, we’ve listed the top 7 most in need gifts in the communities where we work.

1. Buy chickens for charity


Chickens are a gift which improve the livelihoods of families in poverty. The chickens lay eggs which provide the family with additional food and income to support the household.

We provide a family living in one of the communities where we work with a dozen chicks. Over time they’ll have enough chickens to fill their own small chicken coop.

2. Donate filters to provide clean water

In rural communities, safe drinking water isn’t always accessible to the most vulnerable families. Drinking from creeks or open wells can cause young children to come down with diarrhoea, fever and other easily preventable health conditions.

When you gift a water filter, you help a family in a remote village keep their children healthy, and to grow up strong.

3. Donate a goat to a family

Goats are easy animals to raise in harsh climates, which means families suffering from the food crisis in Africa have the most to gain from your gift.

They produce milk for mothers to feed their children and their manure is great for small gardens, providing families living in poverty with a valuable source of nutrition. Families can also sell goats milk to supplement the household income.

4. Donate sports equipment to children in need

Sporting activities are great ways to get children engaged at school. Sport breaks up the day, teaches valuable life and social skills, as well as improving health and wellbeing.

When you donate sports equipment as your charity gift, we provide a school in a rural community with a football, shuttlecock, badminton rackets, nets and other equipment for their students to enjoy.

5. Donate school supplies


Families that can’t afford to pay for school materials may pull their children out of school altogether. A school kit is a collection of essentials that every child needs to succeed in school.

One of our school kits contains a school uniform, a bag, books, pens and pencils, everything they need to stay in school.

6. Buy a child a pair of shoes

New shoes is a simple luxury many children in poverty can’t afford. Quality shoes enables children in the communities where we work to participate in sporting programs, which means they’ll be able to lead fitter lives, and enjoy the childhood they need.

7. Gift mosquito nets for a child’s bed

One child under five dies from malaria every minute.  Mosquito nets protect children and their families at night from insect bites, which spread malaria and other illnesses. When you choose malaria nets as your charity gift, we provide families in the communities where we work with 10 nets.

Buy a charity gift to boost your tax return

There’s many ways to give back and get back more on your tax return. For us, charity gifts are a way to give that lets you choose where your money is spent, and helps the children and families that need it most.

If you can’t decide which gift you’d like to give, but still want to make a donation to help children in poverty, learn more about our current appeal here.

In Australia, some of the best childhood memories are made during our summer holidays.

Long days and bright evenings, coupled with lots of free time thanks to the school break and public holidays, means summer really is the festive season in so many ways. A chance to shrug off daily routines, reconnect with friends and family, and most important have some fun!

Here are five games that will put a smile on the faces of everyone in the family, young and old.


1. Touch rugby

Touch rugby is so hassle free and easy to understand that even children in the remote highlands of Laos and Vietnam, who have never heard of the game, are falling in love with it. That’s one of the reasons ChildFund Pass it Back has been so quick to reach so many children throughout Asia.

All you need is a ball (preferably a rugby ball) and some markers for the field lines. You can play with as few as four players and can set up a field anywhere: the backyard, the park or the beach.


2. Football

Throughout the globe, you will see children making balls out of everything from plastic bags to cane. If you have a ball and at least two people, you can play a game of football.

You can play football on the smallest of pitches, but it does help to have a bit of extra room (especially if you want to run around). It’s a good excuse to take your family out to the beach or local park.